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How To Earn More Online and Make Money in Your Sleep? Passive Income Growth.

Updated on October 23, 2019
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Engelta has been blogging for 6 years now, and she loves to share blogging tips and tricks to help anyone grow their audience.

Even though a good SEO game is important, you should also interact with people, the ones that will click through your link and read your content. You can’t make it overnight no matter how much your work on your SEO, it is not all about that. You have to work on your blog, and on sharing it with the world. You have to literally use every single mean that you have to push your blog out there. You won’t need a degree on marketing, or else. All you need is ideas, and good social media connection, and even these do not happen overnight; and of course, keep doing mistakes, because you can’t learn any other way.

Once you interact with your readers in a healthy way, you can jump into some marketing tricks, eased up by social media apps and options.

First Mistake: Your eye is on the Quantity, not on the Quality!

What you should not do to reach a bigger audience?

1. Do not make blogging your life. Of course, there are cases of home-moms who made a fortune with blogging, and that means making a life of blogging, but do not lose yourself on it. No matter how much you edit your posts, or how beautifully photoshoped your photos came up, there is nothing that beats the social life, and sunlight.

2. Do not create Giveaways just for the sake of followers. Your followers are there because they enjoy your writing, if they did not, they would not be there, even for your giveaways. You will get caught up eventually. If you feel like doing it, do it for you want to and you have something to give as a gift.

3. Sometimes you will be alone on your journey of blogging, because people won't get it, no matter how many times you try to explain it to them. People have different perceptions of fun, work, earning money, interacting with people, sharing your life, etc. As long as the differences exist, they sometimes won't be able to understand you. Do not get discouraged. There are bloggers out there who do.

Second Mistake: You fall for the SEO myths.

1. You need to be a national phenomenon — meaning that you have to hit a good ranking in nationally search. This is not true. If you hit it locally, build it from there. You will get to the national search little by little. Giant steps only make you lose balance. Do not lose your balance. Focus.

2. The quantity of your pages or posts matters a lot — it does not really matter as much as you think. Do not make me repeat myself on what I told you about the content.

3. Google ranking is based all on the links. — As I explained before Content is what counts more, so do not be fooled to only focus on link building and forget about what you write.

4. Including a lot of keywords will help do better — it will not. What it will certainly do, is that Google will see your site as spam and it is the worst you can do to your website, or Hubpage profile, as it will be very difficult after this to ever make a good ranking. So be careful. Do not push things too hard.

Third Mistake: You let Other's opinions shape the way you do Your thing.

In order to attract your best kind of readers, who will be faithful to you, who will bookmark you and come back to re-read your posts, you should first check your own self and your reaction to comments from your readers:

1. Not everyone will love you, some may even hate you. But keep writing what you know and what you love. Remember that the only person who is not judged, is the one who does nothing, feels nothing, sees nothing, breaths nothing, in a few words: he does not exists.

2. Do not take it too seriously. Share what you like and love, and do not worry about the rest. Do not try to sell products that won't work, or that you do not like at all, because your followers will get disappointed, and you will lose your credibility. Not worth the money those brands are paying you! Trust me.

3. Save your dignity. All the nasty comments are not worth your attention and your time. Most of the time ignore them, spam them, delete them. But if they begin to build up, you may consider writing a very good response to the haters, and then carry on with your blog and your life. They may have it worse than you. Don't take it personally, if they do not know you personally.

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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      11 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Some good advice here.


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