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How to open or burn iso files

Updated on October 26, 2009
how to open iso file daemon tools
how to open iso file daemon tools

What is an ISO file?

An *.ISO is normally the file extension of an ISO9660 image file of a CD. Depending on the burner application it might have an extension of *.bin, *.img, *.nrg, *.ccd, *.cif, etc. An ISO file is "image" of a CD or a DVD, with the intent of creating a backup. In common use, an "ISO" is a file that contains the complete image of a disc. Such files are often used when transferring CD-ROM images over the Internet.

ISO files can be opened or mounted to a virtual drive using a software like powerISO or magicISO easily. Read below to see the easy steps to follow to open or burn an ISO file.

How to mount an ISO image file in Windows

There are quite a handful of programs that let you open ISO files.

Tools like Daemon tools, PowerISO or MagicISO can be used to deal with ISO files.

Daemon Tools is a virtual emulator, meaning it creates a virtual CD/DVD drive that acts as an emulator for your image file. Since your CD/DVD drive cannot possibly boot up a nonexistent CD/DVD, Daemon Tools creates a virtual drive that can do so, and thus allowing you to boot up your backup file, the ISO.

Daemon Tools is a simple tool actually creates a Virtual DVD-Rom in your PC, you can actually view your Virtual Drive in your My Computer in Windows. This virtual drive allows you to mount ISO files into its drive, its more like putting a DVD or CD into a drive.. And it works perfectly as if it's a real CD or DVD. Well this tool is useful for people who want to view ISO files.

Steps to play DVD ISO movies:

  • Download a Daemon Tool
  • Install the Daemon Tool
  • You will notice a Red Square lightning logo on your taskbar
  • Right click on that Icon and select Virtual CD/DVD Rom option
  • Choose Set number of Drives
  • From here you can choose to set the number of Virtual drives you need so for this leave it as 1 drive
  • Next Select the Device 0 : option
  • From there select Mount Image option
  • You now have to locate the ISO file and double click on that image to open. Now your ISO is loaded onto the drive.
  • Windows can automatically prompt you on which player you wish to use eg. WMP or PowerDVD. Select the prefered player you wish to use. Or if Windows did not prompt you you can go to My Computer and double click on the Virtual Drive to open the DVD and play with your desired player.

Advantages of ISO files:


ISO file format is used to make copies of CDs and DVDs which can carry the data, file system file attributes and directory structures as it is. ISO Files are used for backing up DVD and ISO files can store complete data from the discs. An "ISO" file is created by copying an entire disc, from sector 0 to the end, into a single file. Generally when a file is copied from a disc the data is not complete as the header information may be lost, but ISO files carry the complete data information including header on the disk. So, in short, ISO file contains the entire data in the original DVD.

Opening or burning an ISO file is as easy as double clicking using your favorite software like PowerISO or MagicISO.


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