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How to protect your video from being copied

Updated on March 23, 2016

The Problem - Video Scrapers

You've spent hours edit and filming, you finally have a video that satisfies you which you're ready to share to the world. That's great!

Here's the problem, as soon as you post your video online, it's very likely within a couple days, some bots will crawl onto your website, copy your embed code and then take the profits and credits for your hard work. Is that fair?

I think not. While the problem is not as prevalent for branded content, if you're creating social or information video content such as funny videos or instruction videos for your brand, this will cost you big time. What if you spent hours creating a video recipe that you wanted to upload on your website, then you see that video on another competing recipe website? When visitors choose where they get their information, you'll lose out on attention and traffic if your video is hosted on their website.

You have solutions like Copyscape for text content but till now you have not had any options for videos.

Unfortunately there aren't many solutions to protecting your video from illegal uses. In this Hub, we'll explore and discuss some options you have to ensure you get the full value of your video content.

Video is a powerful communication and content form; you shouldn't let some scrapers stop you from using it. It may take more work but a properly created video can delivery more value for your audience. Let's see how you can protect your work so you get the full benefits of the time and effort you put into it!

5 Ways to Protect your Video content

Here's five tips you can take to protect your video content online from those pesky bots, scrapers, and content thieves:

- Brand your video content: This is a simple one, make brief mentions of your website or business name in your video (this cannot be edited out easily). Generally do so at the introduction or conclusion with a call to action to make it seem intrusive to the viewer.

- Contact the Webmaster: It's a long shot but it's worth it. If you see your video being used illegally without your permission then check up the webmaster email through and then give them an email. They may just take down your video from their website if you ask nicely but assertively.

- DMCA Notice: Ah the DMCA notice. If your content is being copied, you may file a DMCA notice and also contact Google to de-index the website. It's quite the hassle but you've already put so much work into your content, maybe you want to ensure it's not being used without your permission. This may be more applicable if your video content is something really propitiatory that you want to protect.

- Watermark your video: Another thing you can do is watermark the corner of your video with your website. This may not get you much as it comes to traffic and ad revenue but it will get you more credibility even if others copy your video and post it on their website instead. There are many video effects software that can easily overlay a watermark onto your video. This will clearly show if the website is copying someone else content! Imagine walking into Walmart and seeing K-Mart logos on the wall. That'd be awkward. This is a simple solution but may not be overly effectively

- Encrypt your Video: Finally, there's the tech solution. Ecrypt your video embed code so that bots cannot copy or paste your embed code. There are several encryption options that you'll be able to find online that will protect your website from being copy-able. This is perhaps the most effective and simple solution to protecting your video content from scrapers, bots, and bad webmasters.

Hope you consider any of these five options to protecting your video content from being abused. When people copy your video, web traffic view the video on their website instead of your website. They make a profit from copying your video (illegal) and you lose out on the audience and following (as well as profits however minimal). If you have a viral content or a social or instructional content that has long term value or that you're hoping to use to build your brand, this will be even more detrimental for your progress because it's not advancing your goal but advancing theirs!

It definitely isn't fair if someone can take your work without permission to benefit themselves while you, who put in hours of work lose out for someone that took 5 minutes to copy it or a bot to scrap your website. I hope these tips wil help you protect your video and work.


Your Video is attractive

Why do people still video content instead of making their own?

This is because video content is very difficult to make generally. It takes a lot of time, skills, and creativity. Many people unfortunately take the easy route and simply take someone elses video without the proper permission. If you create a video on how to ride a bicycle, you needed time to conceptualize the video frames, record the instructions, edit the video, and publish. This is very lengthy and tedious process.

The outcome however is attractive to the visitors. Learning how to ride a bike is more effective by watching a video than reading an article. You can read about how to ride a bike but if you can see it done, you will get an even better idea about how to do it.

This makes your content very attractive to web visitors and this makes the content very attractive to online thieves. Think of it like having something valuable on display that's easy to steal with very little probability of being caught or consequences enforced. In the physical world, thieves rob cars that have valuables visible and are unprotected. Likewise, with your video content being attractive, it warrants their efforts to steal it (unfortunately some people put aside values for profit or recognition). If what you had was a regular hat, a thieve would not break into the car for something insignificant.

Also videos are hard to identify as copied; text content can be identified with Copyscape and then you can file a DMCA notice where as video is hard to find where you have it stolen.

Basically people want your video because your video is worth taking.

What do you think of these suggestions to protect your video?

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Ways to Protect your Video

Video Protection method
Easy with video effects software
Video Encryption
Very effective
Easy with software
Very effective with time.
Time intensive
Which method to protect your video is best for you base on your time?

More about Video Encryption

Video Encryption is probably one of the most effective and proactive way to protect your video online from being stolen.

What is Encryption and how does it work?

It's effectively to encrypt your embed code so that it doesn't work for those who do not have the key or permission to use your videos. VidProtect is an example of a video encryption tool.

We have more about that bellow in the video and link resource because Video Encryption may be the only technique that is unfamiliar or more complex but very effective.

What is encryption? (Encryption explained)

More information about Protecting your videos

Here are more resources we like about how to protect your video from being copied online:

Video Encryption for Embed Videos: Here's a forum discussion about ways you can protect your video and other ideas to protect your video.

Quora Ways to Secure a Video embed: Valuable quora post about how to protect your video embed on a WordPress site (most common blogging platform that you likely may be using for your website content management).

Encryption explained: Very informative and easy to understand video about encryption in general. Also explains about website encryption which may not be as relevant but the general concept may help.

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Don't let video thieves stop you from creating great video content! Press play! You still profit from your own content on the larger scale. Hope you learn how to effectively protect your video content from being copied online.
Don't let video thieves stop you from creating great video content! Press play! You still profit from your own content on the larger scale. Hope you learn how to effectively protect your video content from being copied online. | Source

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