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How to put speed in your slow computer.

Updated on April 14, 2016

1. Hold down on the Windows key and R. This will bring up the Run box.

2. Type %temp% in the Run Box. Click Ok or Enter on your computer.

Note: This will bring you to a section of your computer that has a lot of junk that is slowing up your computer.

Deleting junks

3. Highlight all that you see, by holding done on the Ctrl key and the A key. This will Highlight all the file/ documents in that section of your computer.

4. Select delete on your keyboard. This will clear 95% of the files. The files that will not be deleted are the files that are needed by the computer.

5. Locate your Download Folder. 40% of the junk on your computer are located in Downloads it maybe that you had download some files more than once or just have some movies/ photos that you have no more need for

Note: Go through your download folder and delete all that you don’t need.

Running spyware and junk removal software.

Note: You will need to download and run the free version of Super Anti Spyware(SAS) and Junk removal tool. See links below

Click on link to download the Super Anti Spyware

6.After the installation of both software you will run the SAS first

Running and installation of software

7.Double click on the SAS software and follow the instruction in installing it.

8. Follow the installation steps below. It will ask you for your email address don’t put it in. Click next the installation will be completed

9.It will pop-up asking to decline or start trail. Click Decline.
Note: This will ensure that the trail version never expire. The reason for this is that you didn't start the trail version

Scanning the computer with the software

10. Click Start scan

-Select Quick Scan

-The scan of the spyware and adware your computer will now begin.

Note: Don’t be surprise by the unanimous amount of treats you will see. Remember you put them there.

11. Hit continue when the scan is finish and then it will start the cleaning of the treats that was located on your computer.

Locate and run the Junk removal tool.

12. Double click on it the Junk Removal Tool(JRT)

Note: Before you run the Junk removal tool ensure to close all other programs.

The program will prompt you to press any key to start. Click Enter.

Note: It will run numerous check on your computer and the finish.

We are almost there in making our computer fast again.

13. last but not least you will locate your Recycle BIn.

What many don't know is that when you delete junk from your computer, is that it is actually stored in the Recycle BIn.

14. Right click on it and select Empty Recycle Bin.

Note: This will erase all files that you may have deleted and think was deleted from your computer

Final step

15. Restart your computer and then all should be well with your computer.

Brief update

If all these steps are followed your computer will be up and running after the restart. These steps are good for Window Xp, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Please remember to follow each step in ensuring that you computer get back that speed that it once had.


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