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Recovering any windows password the easy way

Updated on April 6, 2012

In this tutorial we shall learn how to recover any Windows password, we shall use a Windows password cracker called OPHCRACK.

Ophrack is a software that can use both Rainbow table and brute-force methods to crack/recover windows passwords.(If you dont understand what Rainbow table or Brute force is, please do a Google or Bing search)

The recovery mission will be accomplished by using the Ophcrack Live CD technique.

So lets begin:

1. Download and burn the Ophcrack Live CD from the link below:
(Choose the version of windows you want to crack, if you download a windows xp version, it wont work on other versions and vice versa meaning to crack a Windows Vista or Windows 7 password download the Ophcrack Vista Live CD, If you Want Crack the Windows xp password download Ophcrack XP Live CD.)

2. Insert the OPHCRACK CD into the computer whose password you wish to recover. Then go to your BIOS and set CD/DVD as the first boot boot device and save the settings.

Now boot your computer. (You will be presented with a similar screen below)

3. Now Press Enter to Continue.

You will now see a DOS(black) similar screen and this may take a while, don't panic, just let things workout themselves.

After, this another friendly screen will launch and OPHCRACK will start the password recovery process. (Screen will look similar like below)

OPHRACK will take a while recovering your password. The usernames OPHCRACK recovers will be shown in the "User" column and Passwords recovered will be shown in the "NT Pwd" column.


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    • dexixy profile image

      dexixy 5 years ago from Kampala

      teaches12345 And Thanks for taking your time reading and commenting. This software is just magical for those forgotten passwords. What i like most about it is that the software is Open source and free to use.

    • dexixy profile image

      dexixy 5 years ago from Kampala

      ausip, yeah, this "magical" software can be used by just anyone and it is effective most times. I haven't tried out the Linux utilities, could you suggest me some, may be that would be make up material for my next hub:), Thanks for reading.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Great piece of information and one useful to many of us. Passwords are easily misfiled or forgotten -- this will save us time. Thanks for sharing.

    • ausip profile image

      ausip 5 years ago from Australia

      Looks like a great piece of software. Much easier than the linux utilities I normally use.