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How to register your own website

Updated on August 21, 2014

Internet business background

So like many of us you decided to make some extra cash online! Congratulations, you have made a very exciting step to provide yourself and your family with potentially making some residual income in your spare time,and with some work and dedication it can provide you with a steady cash flow that can become quite substantial over time.

No matter what your online business may be,weather affiliate marketing,perhaps an online store,writing in a blog,or one of the many other avenues that are out there you will without question need to have a website ( in some cases more than one dependent on your plan).Below I will be giving you a map to outline the process on how to get set up to be the owner of a website that you can monetize,or use for whatever purpose that you intend for that matter.

Why do you to pay for a site to be hosted?

So why would someone pay for their site to be hosted with all of the free offerings by companies out there? There are actually many reasons I will touch on,the first being once it is paid for it is yours.

What I meen by this is I have absolute control over content and subject matter. You will find out that for what ever reason many companies are quite picky on some subject matter you put on their sites. ( notice I said their sites; you don't own it so you play by their rules). He'll, take even google for example, one of my favorite pastimes is collecting and shooting guns. I figured since I am quite knowledgeable and have a great deal of passion for firearms that it would be an awesome niche for me to write about in a blog,attach some affiliate offers,and monetize with Google Adsense. Doing so I figured since my blogs were getting good traffic, I would be able to generate a compounded stream of cash.Not so fast. I guess Google is an anti-gun company because after several attempts to add them to my site,they informed me my content was in violation of their terms of service for subject matter. So that means I am prevented from monitizing any articles I write here on the subject as well because every option I have here to make money from my hubs in tails that I have Adsense incorporated into the program. Hey, it's not my site! If you think about it,for the low price, I get to write anything about anything as long as it's lawful,and no one can tell me anything. Freedom!!

So you still want to take the free route?

Let's say that either the last two paragraphs don't apply to you or you simply don't care. Trust me when I tell you what I'm about to tell you next will apply and you will care. I don't know of any way to make money online that doesn't include you working and developing a system of your own that actually functions to the point you are making money. This will take many hours of tweaking ,customizing,writing,and editing your website. After all that is where your customers and readers come,and is your online presence. While all this time and effort barely seems like work,and actually is quite fun and rewarding,the last thing that you would want to do is loose all of that time and effort .Think about finally getting your marketing system in place and you log in to find out that poof, your website ( your money making product is gone). Well guess what, the reality of this is very real. When you register a free domain online,notice how they try to sell you a hosting package that is custom to that name? If someone else comes by and snatches up the same domain name you have and decides to pay the measly few bucks a year to have it hosted, why would they keep your info on their servers,after all it's just taking up space and they are not making anything off of it.That happens all the time, I can't tell you how many times I have heard of this. It has also been known that these companies just delete free accounts after periods of time,only allowing you to get their free hosting for x amount of time. Make sure you read the fine print,and do not put anything on a free site that you don't have on backup.

My recommendations to you

I hope I didn't discourage you at all from what I have written above. Really that was not my intention, you should be excited and enthusiastic about your online venture. What im tring to drive home is for a very small investment you can have online freedom and keep your venture protected. It really is a cheap investment. Here is what I suggest you do.

Click either the link above,or the one that follows this paragraph and buy a custom domain from Godaddy. They provide a first rate service for not only hosting,but offer a wide range of tools to not only host and design your site, but to optimize it so you can get your product seen. Without web traffic and visitors your online presence is useless. Typically as you have probably read everywhere on then, I create a site on either wordpress or blogger and have godaddy host it. Again, they are wide respected and probably the leader worldwide in this service, the options they offer are endless and first rate. With them you can invest as your site grows or the need arises. Wordpress and blogger are very easy for the common guy to build on and also have additional plugins available as an on needed basis. I stick with godaddy for hosting because of their reputation and price for what you get. Again, check out the links I provided, they are always offering discounts and sales. It's a very small price to pay to keep yourself protected.

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    • Matt Heisterman profile imageAUTHOR

      Matthew Heisterman 

      4 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for reading, yes, unless they have info backed up! Thanks again for your comment!

    • LeslieAdrienne profile image

      Leslie A. Shields 

      4 years ago from Georgia

      I have got ot make a few phone calls to my friends with totally free sites.... Thanks for the information....


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