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How to root Samsung Galaxy beam-Step by step | Android Help

Updated on April 2, 2014

Samsung has released one more brand new mobile in galaxy series in the first quarter of 2014.It's the new "Samsung Galaxy Beam (GT-I8530)".Samsung is busy creating new new mobiles in galaxy series. Anyway,here i have given a step by step procedure to root your New Samsung Galaxy beam GT-I8530.Before going into the rooting procedure,let us discuss the features and specs of this mobile.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Beam.

Well,this mobile has a new additional feature . It is a new HD projector.Yes,this mobile has a projector installed in it.You can see the table below to see the other features of Samsung galaxy beam.

Galaxy Beam with projector
Galaxy Beam with projector


143.5 gms
3.5 mm jack
upto 32 GB
1.3 MP ,secondary
Android Gingerbread
Dual core 1 GHz
Battery(Stand by)
700 Hours
Upto 18 Hours

Rooting procedure:

Rooting is a technique which helps in making your mobile phone more flexible to use.You can use incompatible apps in your mobile after rooting it.Rooting also helps in creating a custom ROM,which is a latest customised version of Android which is not even available for the latest released smart phones.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Beam:

Since it has a High definition installed in it,it drains out of battery so quickly.Hence,it has give into High power batteries.Here i will discuss the rooting procedure.


*A galaxy beam mobile

*PC or Laptop.


*Firstly , you have to download three drivers for your PC from here.

*After downloading the two(kernel and odin) files,copy those files to desktop.

*Extract the files from Odin to Desktop

*Now,Double click on exe file of Odin and launch it.,

*Now,turn off your mobile.

*And,turn on into download mode. (Download mode can be achieved by pressing Volume down+Power Button+Home button simultaneously,)

*Once you achieved download mode,connect your mobile to PC through a USB cable.

Attribution :
Attribution :

*Now,in the odin Folder,click on PDA and select Rooted kernel.tar file,which is placed on your desktop before.

*Now,hit start button.

*Once the process is finished,your mobile should reboot.That's it.You're mobile has been successfully rooted now.Take a chill pill and relax.


*For this,you have to download stock firmware from here.

Choose the correct firmware for your Device

*After downloading it,place it on the desktop.

*Now,download odin (link given in rooting procedure) and extract it's files to desktop.

*Double click on exe file of odin and launch it .

*Now,turn off your mobile.

*Reboot the device to download mode by holding volume down+power button+home button simultaneously.

*Now,you have achieved download mode.

*Now,in Odin :

In PDA, select file having CODE in it's name.

In PHONE select modem

In CSC select CSC

*Press start button.After some time,the process gets finished and you have successfully unrooted your mobile now.


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      Joselin Anto 3 years ago

      Dude I need another link to download kernal I not able to download that file please mail me