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How to save money - Find the best deals on Amazon

Updated on May 22, 2011

Amazon Shopping Bargains

With Christmas just around the corner make the most of internet shopping, grab some online bargains while saving yourself time and money.

This hub shows you how to save money on Amazon.

Whether you use for the U.S. or for UK orders, there are loads of Christmas bargains and special offers to help you save money on those Christmas gifts this year.

Read this quick beginners guide to help you save money when shopping online at Amazon.

Free Super Saver Delivery

Look out for (many) items marked Free Super Saver Delivery on orders over $25 with or £5 with These items are delivered free of charge and offer great savings on the postage costs.

If the value of your item (s) falls short of the Free Super Saver Delivery threshhold then choose a second or third present for another friend or family member. The cost of delivery on one or two items which are under the Super Saver limit may be higher than adding another gift. Adding another gift for a few dollars or pounds to bring you into the qualifying zone for free delivery means that in effect you are grabbing another item for ‘free’.

New and Used

(Third parties)

Before adding your product directly to your shopping basket check out the other new and used listings for your desired product. Below the product details is written “In stock” (in green). Below this you’ll see a blue link for new and used.

These are third party sellers who list their goods on Amazon and sell directly to you, while paying a commission to Amazon from their sales.

Click onto the used / new links to see all your buying options. You’ll see that many of these sellers list the same product at greatly reduced prices. Read the seller ratings here to ensure that you pick a trustworthy seller. But don’t order yet! Read on.

Compare the Costs

A higher priced item bought directly from Amazon (on the main product page) may still work out cheaper than buying from a third party on the ‘new’ and ‘used’ items page if it qualifies for Super Saver Delivery. Added postage charges when buying from a third party means the third party sellers are not always the cheapest option. To make sure that you are getting the best inclusive price possible be sure to compare all the costs before placing your order.

GOLD BOX on Amazon.COM

(NOT available on Amazon.CO.UK)

Access Gold Box deals on by clicking the golden icon at the top of most pages on the Web site. With an existing Amazon account, you'll see the Gold Box features. If you are a new customer, you'll start to see Gold Box Quick Picks a few days after your first purchase.

Gold Box - Deal of the Day

The Gold Box Deal of the Day features a single item available at a discount of up to 75% for that day only. There are new deals every day. You can even sign up for daily text alerts for the Deal of the Day here , as well as Twitter notifications : You can get started with Twitter by texting "FOLLOW AMAZONDEALS" to short code 40404. (Text messaging code works for U.S. carriers only. Standard text messaging rates apply.)

Gold Box - Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are only offered for short periods of time, up to 4 hours. When no Lightening Deals are available there is a message telling you when to come back. The exact item on the deal isn't listed until the start time arrives.

Once a Lightning Deal starts, you will be able to see the item, its current Amazon price, the amount of the Lightning Deal coupon, a progress bar that indicates how many coupons have been used, and a timer showing how much time is left. You must click the "Add to cart" button on the Gold Box page to be eligible for the Lightning Deal coupon. You must be logged into your account.



(NOT available on Amazon.COM) offer DEALS OF THE WEEK in a number of categories of goods such as electronics and computing, books, music & DVD deals, toys & games deals, home & garden, jewellery, watches etc etc, with up to 75% discount on many special offer goods deals each week.

Click the Deals of the Week link at the top centre of most pages to discover the latest deals on offer that week. Deals end Sundays at 23:59 hrs GMT (unless otherwise stated).

So now you're ready to order your Christmas gifts online and save money. Happy Shopping!


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    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 7 years ago from UK

      I order things from them at random, wihtout much thought. Thanks for this:-)

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 8 years ago

      good tips

    • BizzyMuse profile image

      BizzyMuse 9 years ago from Southern California

      Great tips - thanks for sharing!