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How to send large files through the internet

Updated on September 11, 2013

How to select the right service

There are different website that offer the service to send (large) files/documents over the internet. With some it is free, with some you have to pay, depending on the kind of service they offer. When choosing the website to use, think of the following requirements:

  • The maximum size of the files that you can send with this website (and how large the files are that you want to send on a day-to-day basis).
  • The duration that the file/document stays available online
  • The safety of the website (does it look professional/ability to add a password to the file for protection, etc.)

Free or paid service

Most of the sites offer both a free and a paid version of their service. The difference of course being that the paid version usually allows for more options and possibilities, such as larger size files, longer duration online, protected documentation, etc.

If you send large files to your clients or perhaps privately on an almost-daily basis, then you might consider the paid service of a website. Do you only send files every now and then, then the free service is good enough. Also in free and paid services there are a lot of differences. The best that you can do is to make a list of requirements that you have and then compare the different sites and select the best one to match your requirements.

Examples of sites and what they offer

Free version includes:

  • send files up to 100 MB
  • No obligation to register

Paid version includes:

  • Send files up to 2GB
  • Secure your files with a password
  • receive a notification when the file has been downloaded by the receiver

Free version includes:

  • send files up to 100MB
  • registration not needed, but if you do you will get the option to protect your file with a password.

Paid version:

  • Send files up to 2GB
  • protect your files with a password
  • receive a notification when the file was downloaded by the receiver.

Free version includes:

  • send files up to 300MB
  • You can upload multiple files at once
  • The availability of the download link is 30 days, but you will get a special link which you can use to delete the file earlier, for security reasons.

Other tips

  • There are also websites that allow you to send the download link through your own email instead of having to use the website itself for that.
  • For extra safety you can put a password on the file that you are using (don’t forget to tell the password to the receiver) so that there is no way that anyone else can open the file.
  • Put the password on the file by making a zip file of your file to make the size smaller. While making the zipfile choose in the programme you use for creating the zipfile for “extra options” and then “set password”.


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