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How to set up your home entertainment centre!

Updated on May 22, 2011

1) Tangled in TV wires? The best way to set up the ultimate home entertainment centre is to attempt the mighty task all at once. And, yes, one TV can handle any number of cool devices.

2)  An AV selector can host multiple devices, like DVD players and Wii. Simply plug your AV cables in and flick the switch to change between gadgets.

3) Modern gaming consoles and Blu-ray players use HDMI cables instead of AV cables. Use these for maximum HD quality.

4) Want online features? Plugging directly into a wall port gives the best results, but a wireless router can still feed devices from afar.

5) HDMI media players can play downloaded porn on your TV (lol). Copy the PC files to an external hard drive, then plug it into the media player and TV, and hit "play". Can it play non-pornographic videos? Probably!

6) Finish by attaching smaller accessories like the Kinect tuck all wires behind the monitor, and your done! 


  • Power boards transfer a lot of energy so it's important to invest in a fire-safe wall plug. You should also turn off the power at the wall at night.
  • When buying a new TV make sure it can support 1080p resolution to support the growing number of Blu-rays available. It's also good to have several HDMI ports behind the TV to cater for most modern devices.
  • With a universal remote control you can program all your other devices into one so there is less confusion and more couch time.


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