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How to share internet connection with other computers.

Updated on September 12, 2010

If you create a shared internet connection at home, while you have it on your laptop or iPhone, or the device you choose.

Sharing an Internet connection can be very convenient and useful in many cases, some examples of its use are:

Allow other teams in our home have the updated antivirus.

Share access to the network to the other members of our home with a single connection.

Share access to the network with a neighbor or relative who is within walking distance.

Enabling Internet on a desktop PC when you only have access to a wireless network through a laptop.

To access the network from a Smartphone (Iphone, IPAD, Android) where in our home there is no coverage or 3G wireless networks but we have cable in our desktop PC.

The following method to share the Internet connection you have between two computers, creating a local area network either by cable or wireless connection, it may be PC to PC, PC to laptop (Netbook) or vice versa, is also possible in a laptop to an iPhone so we'll see in another article.


There are several options depending on how you connect to the internet:

1 - Your internet connection is broadband via cable or ADSL modem

2 - Your internet connection is through a wireless network.

3 - Your Internet connection is through a dial-up connection through a modem.

• In the first case are using the LAN port of your computer and your internet option to share with others should be using a wireless network or installing a PCI network adapter card or USB (all PCs or Laptops on Today brings a single adapter or Ethernet LAN). In this case if you connect to internet with a laptop (all of them are wireless network adapter), you can share with another team.

• In the second and third case your LAN port is free so you can share your internet with another computer through an Ethernet network cable connected to this port.

Verify network adapters

If you have decided which type of connection you do first of all verify that all teams will make the connection network adapters are working and configured correctly. To do this in System Properties Device Manager open and see the status or network adapters.

If any of them see the yellow triangular warning sign mean they are not configured correctly.

To install the driver on the adapter you need, give a right click on the device and select Update driver software, insert the CD or DVD device drivers, or bringing your motherboard in the case of a network device Windows integrated and update it. If you do not have the disc update it on the Internet.

First step. Creating a local area network between computers.

Connecting via Ethernet cable.

The simplest method to insert the cable into both computers, Windows detected the devices and create the connection automatically. For any conflicts restart.

Check status of the connection on both computers, Network Connections, right-click the connection to select state, state media must appear Enabled.

Connecting via a wireless network.

On the host computer to access the Network Center by typing: Home-> Network-> Manage Wireless Networks-> Add-> Create an ad hoc network. The table below insert:

The network name (no spaces)

Security Type: WEP

Password: (5 or more characters)

Check the box Save this network and close.

In the team receiving the connection open Center Network and Sharing

Home-> Network-> Configure a new network connection-> Manually connect to a wireless network. Enter the network data that you created in the previous step and close.

Log in and check the status of the connection in Network Connections, right-click the connection to select state, you'll see the speed, the state and bytes sent and received.

Second step. Connection Sharing

On the host computer (the one with internet access) open Network Connections

Home-> Network Connections Click your right mouse button on the connection you want to share, and then click Properties.

Click the Sharing tab and then check the box Allow other network users to connect through the Internet connection of this equipment in the bottom tab choose the connection that you share online.

If the connection is with a cable select Local Area Connection.

If the connection is by select wireless network Wireless Network Connection.

Internet Connections, and connection sharing should work.

Sharing Settings

To use this file-sharing network also accesses the Center Network and Sharing-> Sharing Change advanced settings and set the network as belonging to the group home. Then select the following check boxes:

Turn on network discovery

Turn on sharing

You can read the full original article and where you will also know Common Conflicts in Wireless Networks.


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