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How to shop for a keyboard

Updated on February 12, 2015

Determine your budget

Before you consider anything else you need to know your budget. Some good questions to ask yourself are:Can I actually afford a keyboard. How much can I afford to spend on this keyboard? How expensive will it be to repair or replace this keyboard and how much to do I have to carry out this action. In terms of actually being able to afford a keyboard, most people can. A new keyboard can be bought for as little as $20 plus tax. One can even find keyboards for cheaper prices online, at garage sales, and at second hand stores. A keyboard can be so cheap, you could literally find the money for it sitting on the ground. With that said, not all keyboards will be that inexpensive; thought they don't regular get this high, a high end, top of the line, keyboard can cost hundreds of dollars. Fortunate enough $50 will be enough to satisfy most individuals' wants and needs.

How much does a keyboard cost?

The price of a keyboard will vary but a 40 to 80 dollars is a good place to start for a mid range keyboard. A high end keyboard may go from 80 to 150 dollars. Anything over that price is an outrageous price to pay. A very cheap keyboard can go for anywhere from $20 to $40 new. If you want something nice but still at a cheap price it is always a good idea to buy used. Most used items can be found on the internet, in bargain stores, or in second hand stores for 50% 80% of its original retail price. When shopping for a used keyboard it is important to note that the cheaper it is compared to its retail price, the faster it will go so, if you find a good deal, get it fast.

What is purpose will your keyboard be serving

It is very important that right after you determine your budget, you consider what you will use this keyboard for. Obviously you will be typing but there are very many more variable to consider. Other things to consider are the time you will spend typing, if the keyboard has other purposes, and special aspects of your keyboard do you need, want, and are willing to live without. You may need to sit and type at your computer all, day everyday. In this case, you may want or need a special ergonomic keyboard(a with a special shape made to protect your wrists and fingers. Another specific purpose for keyboards would be gaming. Those who play games would need to get a gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards are made with special buttons on them that any other type of keyboard would certainly not have. Gaming keyboards also have decorative lights that also may respond to certain actions in the game your are playing.

Find out what you need

Quite naturally every keyboard you buy must have all of the keys on it but, there are things that you might require in your keyboard depending on the specialized purpose of yours and what irregular purposes you have for it. If you have a special condition with your wrists you need an ergonomic keyboard to accommodate. An ergonomic keyboard is shaped so that the keys are exactly where your hands might naturally might want to go. If You are pressed for physical space you might want to get a compact keyboard; compact keyboards are tiny and usually square in shape and are usually half to 1/3 the size of a regular keyboard. If intend to play video games it is absolutely necessary to get a gaming keyboard.Gaming keyboards usually look really nice and have features no other board would have.

Find out what you want

When you are searching for the right one, there will be many things you want in you keyboard. You will have varying degrees of desire for each feature. List all the specs, designs, and nic nac features you want. You must prioritize them and deside which ones are the most important; there is a very good chance that for the price you are willing to pay you may not necessarily get everything that you want. This applies regardless of what price you are willing to pay unless you are going to spend all of the money required to get all of the bells and whistles.When doing research, compare several brands and several types. Look at the specs on each one. Find out what those specs mean and how the effect the usability, convenience and quality of the item.

Find out what you can deal without

There are some features and designs that you may not care about; there will even be some that you may be a luxury but you would rather deal without. Find out what these things are. If you are willing to do without the "bells and whistles" that you don't even care about, you can save money for the things that you really do like.


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