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How to show the Percentage along with the Pie Chart in Excel

Updated on June 19, 2013

Pie chart has always been an extremely helpful tool to present numeric information in graphical format. The chart itself represents the condition of data of the sectors it indicates. But in some cases this visual representation might not be enough to describe the information clearly to the viewers. In this short of cases, we tend to use the percentage along with the pie chart to ensure that viewers get the actual scenario clearly. Using Microsoft Excel, we can easily make the percentages included with the pie chart.

Get yourself ready

To do the process, the user has to use a computer which has Microsoft Excel installed in it. In this particular tutorial, we have used Microsoft Excel 2010- to show you the process.

Steps to Show the percentage along with the Pie chart

Step 1: Select the particular cells using which you want to prepare the Pie Chart.

Step 2: Go to the Insert tab from the Excel Ribbon.

Step 3: Click on the Pie option from the toolbar and select any of the Pie chart design to be viewed in the worksheet.

Make the pie chart
Make the pie chart

Step 4: Now go to Design tab from the Excel Ribbon of the Excel interface.

Step 5: Click on the Chart Layout box from the Design Toolbar.

Step 6: Select any of the Pie Layout with Percentage sign in the iconic samples in the Layout box.

Including the percentage with the pie chart by changing the layout
Including the percentage with the pie chart by changing the layout

How does the process works

As we order excel to prepare the Pie chart, it automatically calculates the proportional combination of the separate parts/sections along with 360 degree of a Circle. So, when we select the pie-chart layout with percentage in it, it just includes the percentages with the graphs.

Think more

To present the graph in more vivid way, I suggest you to select the layout which describes the color allocation of pies separately on the side. Moreover, you might want to change the font color of the percentage numbers over the pies if those does not look well in a deep background color.


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