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How to solve Drop Calls?

Updated on September 4, 2012
I hate drop calls
I hate drop calls
I hate drop calls
I hate drop calls

Straight forward answer and clear explanation to drop call or dropped call or call drop. Very useful tips to solve drop calls are also explained.

If your important business call get disconnected, if your cannot hear your life partner’s lovely voice clearly when she or he call you or if you experience daily drop calls in your home or office then it is better to read this hub to know why drop call happens.

What is a drop call?

Normal call completes when you or other party terminate the call by pushing NO (disconnect) button. But some cases call is disconnected unexpectedly before you or other party terminate the call as a result of many technical reasons. This scenario is known as drop call.

Why drop calls??

There are many reasons which make drop calls.

Network related reasons for drop call

· No coverage – when you move away from coverage area to non coverage area your call will be disconnected. When there is no coverage which means there is no signal to maintain the connection between your mobile and network (base station – tower). Then simply your call will be disconnected.

· Interference – mobile network uses frequency range to connect mobiles. When some other source uses the same frequency range for communication such as radio communication, military transmission, then it will make interference. Further same mobile network use the same frequency range everywhere. Sometimes interference generates from those reuse frequencies which is know as internal interference. When there is interference, then proper communication between the mobile and the base station is interrupted. Finally call can be disconnected or you may not hear voice of other party. You may be able to continue the conversation but with bad quality. You can make a complain with your position information such as GPS coordinates or address of your home where you face drop calls. Normally service providers would consider coverage complains when they plan coverage enhancement projects. If you are a highly paying customer then you can ask for a temporally coveage enhancement solution such as a repeater.

  • Hardware fault in the network - hardware faults in the base station (tower) and transmission equipments can generate drop calls. When you face drop call with very good signal, then the reason can be a hardware issue in the network or interference. Then it is better to make a complain to your service provider. It would be helpful to engineer to solve your problem if you able to provide the GPS coordinate of your home or your office where you face drop calls daily. Please keep in mind to submit your complain to a technical person not to a call centre lady, since 95% of call centre officers do not know anything about technical stuff.

  • Handoff issues - the basic different between mobile network and fixed network is the mobility. When you move from one place to another place, your call will be handoff to another base station from your current base station to avoid a drop call. As a result of that you can move here and there while calling to your colleagues. But sometimes this handoff process may not work properly. Then your call will hang in present base station until coverage of present base station vanishes. Finally your call will be disconnected due to no coverage. When you check coverage just before the call drop you can see very bad signal, but if you check coverage just after the drop call you can see mobile shows a very good coverage in this kind of drop calls. Again you can make a complain to solve the drop call issue since you cannot solve this kind of drop calls.

Mobile phone related reasons for drop call

  • Hardware faults in mobile phones - In this kind of drop calls, only you face drop calls while others make calls without any problem. Everywhere you go you may face drop calls if your mobile has a hardware problem. You can check with your friends or family members whether they also face such kind of drop calls everywhere or inside your home. If not problem is with your phone, then just change your phone and check it.
  • Calls can also be dropped if a mobile phone at the other end of the battery power.


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