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5 Smart Tips to Speed up your Computer

Updated on February 4, 2015
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Matthew is a Farmer, and the sole owner at Matex Groups of Companies and Matex Farms He is a Writer and Blogger at DunamisBlog

I know when you first purchased your computer it was fast and pretty responsive to task when you ON it and you open files, browsers, folders and other stuffs, but over time after usage for a longtime and sometimes short; for some kinds of system, the speed just decrease and the same Usain Bolt system is now sleeping down the way which is most time frustrating and unpleasing to the owner.

Most of Computer uses don’t know the reason for this slow and uncomfortable changes in their device, however, the reason is over the years after prolong usage of the computer you have downloaded lots of files and install various programs. I know this programs are very important to keep your computer running and functioning well but they also makes it slow down in terms of the response as the computer now as more junks in background.

I will list some quick steps here to help you get your Computer back and make it function as new in term of it’s speed.

1. Uninstall unnecessary programs: Some of the programs on your system might not be so useful and you just felt it’s no big deal to keep them there, my friend it is. I suggest you Uninstall them so as to free some dick space and have your PC in its best functionality. This can be easily done by going to Control Panel and click on “Uninstall Programs”.

2. Scan your Computer for Hardware, spyware and Adware: Almost all computers are vulnerable to Virus these days and you must take every measures to avoid virus from invading your system. Viruses are crazy programs that can cause serious havoc to your computer. So what are Spyware and Adware? They are smart programs created by most Online comp0anies to find out more about their customers in order to serve them better, however these programs can get down on your PC and slow things down. You can download Antivirus like “Antivir personal classic Edition, it is a free software and pretty effective in cleaning and picking any virus and virus-related problems.

3. Automate your Updates: Quick reminder for system updates on your PC can come at the wrong time perhaps you are chatting with your girlfriend or you are playing game so you just click “remind me later” and you finally have to wait till your computer is almost breaking down before you now update it but to make the whole process easy, I suggest you Automate the Updates procedure so that it will be automatic; go to - “My Computer” > Properties > Automatic Updates” and set it as Download and Install Automatically.

4. Download SpyBot 1.6: Spybot is yet another great program that can facilitate your computer speed, you can download it at Install the software and follow the instruction to it. After installing do full scanning with it on your system and it will detect unsolicited programs on your system to filter them off especially those that can slow down the performance of your system.

5. Always Short Down your Computer : yeah! This is yet another tips most people don’t take serious, when you are done working on your PC, just shut it down instead of sleeping It or hibernating shut it down and when next you need it, start afresh that way it will work smarter and refresh itself in it’s functionality instead of slowing down it response because of over sleeping/hibernating of the Computer.

I hope you have learn some new tips on how to make your system works pretty fine and fast as new?

If you have any further question you can drop them in the comment and I will be glad to help.


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    • Matexwrites profile image

      Matthew Matex 3 years ago from United State

      Okay then you might have to adopt some new measures to get rid of the malware virus.

      I suggest you see a computer engineer

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i have uninstall some programs but I think it is infected with malware virus. AVIRA and AVG can't scan USB pen drive cannot be detected. Previously it was ok

    • Matexwrites profile image

      Matthew Matex 3 years ago from United State

      You might have install too many programs that needs to be deleted or uninstalled, wthen if your system as been serving you for long the HDD might be faulty or the system RAM is too small.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      my pc is slow at booting up, what do you think is the problem?