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How to change or switching network provider of your mobile phone number in India

Updated on April 2, 2011

The Change of network or service provider for your mobile phones with to retain of your number is open in India from 20/ 01/2011 all over the country after its previous trial in the state of Haryana.

Change of network is termed as Mobile number portability (MNP) and was awaited by many people for quiet amount of time.

This was aimed to help the customers who wish to give preference to better service and better tariffs networks among the available providers.

This is a really a big solution for many who used some service from long time, though fed up due to improper service and are still reluctant to change their number with the fear of losing contact with those of past friends, fantasy for the number etc.

Steps to change your number

♣ First send a SMS with the text PORT space your_mobile_number to 1900.

Ex: (PORT 9XXXXXXXX9) from your mobile. To get your eight digit Unique Porting code "UPC" from your existing service provider.

♣ Once you receive your UPC number (8 digits) you need to submit application to the network service provider you wish to switch to, with your supporting documents like residence proof, photo, UPC code received and you existing number.

♣ After this process the a new SIM of your preferred network will be given to you..

♣ You will now receive an SMS from the network provider you wish to switch to informing you that the process of change of network has begun.

♣ You need to wait patiently till then. During the process of change in number your mobile number will be inactive for about a maximum of 3 to 6 hours but don't panic because this inactivity occurs late night after 12.

♣ The entire process may take a maximum of 7 days. You will be charged a minimal of Rs. 10 or so by the new network operator for the SIM given.

Though this sounds interesting it has some limitations or points to consider like.

1) This service is limited within regional circles. i.e. if you belong to one state you can change network provider within that state.

2) You cannot switch from CDMA to GSm or vice-verso.

3) You need to clear all of your previous bills before you switch.

4) Any unused balance of tariff of the previous provider will not be available over new provider. i.e unused balance can't be shifted. so try to complete any unused balance in 7 days after you apply for MNP.

5) You can shift the network provider only once in every 3 months. :-)


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    • bheem profile image

      bheem 7 years ago

      oh! is it so, thanq for the information inder.......

    • profile image

      inder 7 years ago

      its possible to switch to gsm from cdma :)