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How to Take Apart an Ipod Touch or Ipad

Updated on May 22, 2012

If you have an Ipod Touch you probably already know that it looks as if it is one solid piece, but do not fear, it is 100% possible to take apart an ipod touch. With a little bit of patients and a stead hand, this article will instruct you how to disassemble your ipod touch/ipad.

You will need a metal nail file, a think knife or something similar to complete this task. The object that you use should have a sharp edge. It is advised to wear gloves or some sort of protective covering on your hands when working with a sharp object. As you can see the surface of the device make it easy to slip.

IMPORTANT: Once you remove the backing off of your Apple product, your warranty will become void.

Removing the cover

Safely wedge the knife or nail file between the front of the device and the back metal covering. Almost as if you were shucking a clam. Place all 4 fingers against the flat edge of the knife and apply pressure. Again just as if you were trying to shuck a clam. Once you have made it in, slide your knife around the device and remove the metal covering by using the knife as a lever.

Removing the battery

The battery is the large white square located in the center of the device. Use your knife to gently lift the battery out of the device by any side. If your battery gives your trouble, work it from two parallel sides.

Ipod 3rd Gen video


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