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How to talk Short Speak

Updated on April 2, 2010

There is a short form written language that deviates from English and becoming very popular among the teenagers and the young adult of the World much to the frustration to some the older generation and the teachers. Especially to the teachers who have to marked the examination papers.

This is called short-speak. It is written english in short form. This is popular used in sms, facebook, yahoo messenger etc.

This phenomenon may be initiated by the teens but the elderly folks are using it too.Advertising companies have also resorted to short forms in their bid to become more appealing to youths.

Nevertheless these are innovative creation and phrases is shortened to make it easier to use especially when using sms.

This is some of the words that I can remember nevertheless I will continue to update this list.

  1. 2 - to or two
  2. 4ever- firever
  3. afk- away from keyboard.
  4. aka- also known as
  5. asap- as soon as possible
  6. asl- age, sex, location
  7. bbl- be back later
  8. bf- boyfriend
  9. brb- be back later
  10. btw-by the way
  11. coz-because
  12. cya-see you
  13. diy-do it yourself
  14. dnd-do not disturb
  15. faq-frequently ask question
  16. foc-free of charge
  17. frm-from
  18. fwd-forward
  19. gf-girlfriend
  20. gr8
  21. gtg-got to go
  22. ic-i see
  23. im-internet messenger
  24. jypl-just pooling your leg
  25. kewl-cool
  26. l8r-later
  27. lol-lauhing out loud
  28. myob-mind your on business
  29. nvm-nevermind
  30. oic-oh i see
  31. omg-oh my god
  32. rofl-rolling on the floor laughing
  33. sys- see you soon
  34. tgif-thsnk god its friday
  35. tnx-thanks
  36. ttfn-ta ta for now
  37. ttyl- talk to you later
  38. u-you
  39. u2-you too
  40. wknd-weekend
  41. wth-what the hack
  42. wud-what are you doing?
  43. xoxo- hugs and kisses
  44. zzz-slepping


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