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How to tell your real Facebook friends from your fakebook ones

Updated on June 22, 2014

Are your FB friends your real friends or are they fake

There is a fact in our modern day reality of social networking life that not every person you choose to network with is going to be your friend, and so why is it that on a network such as Facebook, are we to call one another friends.

Well in actuality this is the definition that the web gods of Facebook (Web Designer and CEO Mark Zuckerberg & his Staff) have decided to call it. So therefore we all bare witness to such a false reality to face today online.

Now that Facebook has become the number one location to share, communicate, to market online, scheme, and whatever that floats peoples digital boats today, being unreal and fake to gain potential revenue streams for many folks is what it has become there as well, besides establishing genuine contacts, and real friendship based networking connections.


Is Facebook Sharing of content real or is much of it Fake!

People enjoy sharing their photo's, their daily thoughts, quotes, videos, even monetized advertisements, life messages of morbid natures, and so much more on Facebook. So why is it that so much of this digital mess isn't real at all. Hmmm.....

This brings the discussion back to friends, isn't this what Facebook was initially constructed to be, a place where some pretty cool long distant friends can easily log in and connect, they could hook up socially online (maybe potentially meet in person somewhere), and also have the option to share real world stuff with one another.

Well, that once upon a time reality today is, there's loads of users on FB, who choose not to be fair at all with communications it appears, and who care not for friendship at all (judging by the active communicators there & not those who choose to be inactive mostly), and so why are they there in the first place. Why have you chosen to accept their so-called FB friendship for that matter. Double Hmmm....

Actually Mark Zuckerberg made it clear for only people who've truly known one another by user name and credential they add to it (Using FB bot programs to block unwanted communications - Facebook police), they could connect, and add one another if they so choose, but beware of falsely identifying those who they know not, go Figure!

Note: It's a Facebook law! with account freezing potential, if you add to many people you have zero knowledge of or connection to (So if you try to add people you never met or have no real world connection to good luck!)


The real FB truth

The truthful and undeniable fact of Facebook today is, people are there for many more reasons then just for friendships. Truthful sharing does indeed happen there today but at a bare minimum compared to the unfair communications, also known as social spam.

Yes there is the possibility to have a true FB friendship, it all depends on the sincerity of each person, and the actual number of friends a person has amounted up there, and managed to confirm as well as accept onto their account. You mean to tell me, all of them 1000+ people are real FB friends on your account, "Come on now folks", that's not the truth by far. "No way Jose."

Many networking users today all know that the key to true friendships is establishing grounds of communications, and if people aren't communicating to you on a regular there, or not at all, well that may indeed spell out an issue with them as a potential Non-FB friend. This alternately may also mean that they haven't logged into Facebook at all in quite some time as well, or maybe they simply have accepted far to many so-called friends onto their Facebook account for maybe revenue earning potential purposes (Which is legal there as long as it isn't spam in nature, unwanted, abusive, or harmful to users in any way).

There is a professional way to use Facebook that is in existence, and there is the more unprofessional way as well, which is also referred to as the social networking method. Many of us are simply confused between the two lesser evils, and haven't yet learned the art of being real with it all, and or learned how the balance it all out. This may very well be impossible for us all to learn to do in just a single day, months time, or even year, and depending on the actual amount of time that's being invested in such a network per day.


Shocking FB Conclusion

With all the messy communications which truly is chaotic in nature that's going on with networking in general today. Many people have yet to fully understand, and or encompass what it is they shall do to manage, any or all of their online communications with that of others they decide to connect with.

This has posed a definite problem for the average networking user, and in fact has made them somewhat disgruntled, when they feel as if they aren't getting any love from their Facebook communications with others, feeling somewhat unappreciated at times as well.

What is to be realized however, is the unseen fact that not everyone can communicate as effectively as others, and not everyone is always on Facebook, nor does everyone have the same time to manage much of their communication on the social network. So there really is no way to truly judge if a person is or isn't a FB friend per say, until they decide to state such a fact, to un-friend you there which can be done, or possibly by you viewing the more active users there who tend to simply ignore much or your posts all of the time, as it so obvious that does indeed occur there today.

Keep in mind that posts can be liked, but not un-liked there, and so if you post onto peoples content or threads they start per say in any given Facebook group, timeline, or news feed, and you never receive any indication back from them like a FB like or comment feedback. The potential there lies that they're in fact not your real friend yet, and it takes time to actually get to know folks who are actually complete strangers, there in lets say them professional FB groups or community pages. This is especially so, for those folks in which you may have met using their hubpages profile's here, or from many other networking locations across the internet.

If you indeed decided to add any stranger's you don't truly know, be wise as to how you choose to communicate with them. Your Facebook account has loads of private information, and to maintain its overall security you need to be aware that not everyone is going to be who their profile states they are, and especially not like your true friends as those you've potentially earned, and met in real life or that of your family whom are also on your Facebook list of friends.

Found this image on Flickr, it seems others think of FB post as being spam today, but who knows what it should be called today

By Frederick Md Publicity
By Frederick Md Publicity | Source

What about FB Spammers

Facebook spammers is an entirely different hub subject to write about and so, it shall be addressed in a future hub article for sure, and for now lets hope that people get a much better understanding as well as grip on this digital communications today as a whole. Another way of looking at what a Facebook friend really is, is by thinking of them as "Twitter Followers", or as Google Plus circles of strangers.

This articles truly pertains to when you decide to add someone who you don't know in real life onto your networking account there on FB, and so just be advised to take precautionary measures each and every time you decide to add a complete stranger, and even if they come from a networking community that you already have built trust into. Good luck!

Have you found true friendships on Facebook

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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 3 years ago from New York City

      @LadyGuinevere I recently got over the fact that not everyone we choose to add as a FB contact is going to be real with us or ever keep in contact including family, or who we once thought were our close friends. Cyberspace has helped to divide us all today, and so communications among folks is a tough deal no matter what :)

      Thanks for caring to comment and for sharing!

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 4 years ago from West By God

      I have found my classmates and family and some friends too on FB. Most of the friends that I have here or had here are also on FB now. Lots of my friends vacated this place about 4 pandas ago. I still find them on FB though.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      That's good for you umar thanks for the visit!

    • profile image

      umar abbas 4 years ago

      i am very happy

    • Diane Woodson profile image

      Diane Minton 5 years ago from Evansville, Indiana

      I was just talking to a friend about this subject came to read your work, I am so glad you wrote this and will be sending it to my bf's Thank you buddi


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