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How to transfer contacts, music, photos and more from Android to iPhone

Updated on July 23, 2015

The new iPhone is coming in September and as every year, thousands of users would rush to buy their new and often first Apple iDevice. If you are an Android user, you'll be happy to find it's pretty easy to transfer content from Android to iPhone. And it doesn't matter whether you have a Samsung Galaxy, an HTC One or a Nexus device. Let's begin

Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Contacts are often the first piece of information you'd want transferred to your new iPhone.

1. To begin, on the Android phone go to the "Contacts" or the "People" app.

2. Once there, click on the "Menu" button and then tap "Import/Export"

3. Next, tap "Export to USB storage" or "Export to SD card" depending on the Android phone model

4. Confirm the export by tapping OK. This will export your Android contacts to the phone memory as a single VCF file.

5. Plug in the Android phone to your computer. Wait until it appears under "My Computer", then open the phone memory storage drive. If you have external storage (i.e. SD card) on the phone, open that drive instead.

6. Find a single VCF file containing all the Android contacts that you just generated. Drag and drop the file to the PC Desktop

You can now import the contacts file to your iPhone via CopyTrans Contacts. To do so:

7. Download CopyTrans Contacts from this page:

8. Run the program and connect your iPhone

9. Drag and drop the VCF contacts file from your Desktop to the main open window of the program

The Android contacts are now copied to your iPhone.

Alternative: Import the contacts file from PC to iPhone with iTunes

If you prefer to import the Android contacts file on the Desktop to the iPhone without using third-party programs, you can then use iTunes.

In this case, you need to follow a few extra steps in order to get the contacts to your iPhone.

1. Open a new Windows Explorer window, type in %userprofile% and hit the Enter button

2. Enter into your Contacts folder and click "Import"

3. From the newly-opened window, select "vCard (VCL file)" and click "Import"

4. Windows will now open each of your Android contacts one after the other. Click "OK" on each newly-opened window to import the contacts to the Windows Contacts folder.

The Android contacts are imported to the Windows Contacts folder on your PC.

5. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone. Before you proceed, make sure that your iTunes library contains all of your iPhone music to avoid accidental deletion of songs upon sync.

6. Click on the phone icon that appears on top then click on the "Info" section

7. Check the box next to "Sync Contacts with" and make sure that "Windows Contacts" is selected

8. Finally, click on the Apply button in iTunes

Your Android contacts are now transferred to the iPhone Contacts app.

Transfer photos and videos from Android to iPhone

Transferring photos and videos you took on your Android device is easy. You just need to connect the Android phone to the computer and copy the photo and video files to your PC in a similar fashion to the way you copied your contacts.

1. Begin by entering into the Android phone's memory from your PC

2. Copy and paste the Pictures folder from the Android storage to your "My Pictures" folder. To open the "My Pictures" folder on your PC, simply open a new Explorer window and type in %userprofile% . Then double-click on "My Pictures"

3. Once you have all your Android photos pated to "My Pictures" on your PC, open iTunes

4. Connect the iPhone and in iTunes, click on the small phone icon that appears on top

5. Next, choose "Photos" and check the box next to "Sync Photos"

6. Make sure the "Copy photos from:" points to My Pictures

7. Click on the "Apply" button in iTunes.

That's all - your Android photos are transferred to the iPhone.

Transfer Music from Android to iPhone

If you are new to the world of Apple, you will find that getting music transferred from Android to iPhone is the last easy operation you'll ever effectuate with your songs.

Once you get the music to your iPhone, you'll find it hard to share or transfer the songs to other places. Having said this, there are always exceptions and ways around.

Here's how to get your music from Android to iPhone.

1. Connect the Android phone to your PC and enter in the phone storage. Find the Music folder and open it

2. Copy all your songs to a folder on your PC

3. Open iTunes and drag-and-drop the songs from the PC folder to the open iTunes window. This will import the songs to the iTunes library

If you are a first time iPhone user, you may find iTunes complicated and quite disobedient when it comes to music. I recommend adding songs and videos to your iPhone with an iTunes alternative like the free CopyTrans Manager instead.

For example, iTunes will delete any songs from your iPhone which don't exist in the iTunes library already.

4. Connect the iPhone to your PC and click on the small phone icon that appears in iTunes

5. Choose "Music" and check the box next to "Sync Music"

6. Ensure "Entire music library" is checked

7. Click on the iTunes "Apply" button

Your Android songs are now loaded with the iPhone.

It is not hard to move from Android to iPhone and transferring contacts, photos and music between the two is just a matter of knowing how to do it.


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      RandyBarry 2 years ago

      When switching from Samsung to iPhone 6S, watch this video to transfer your important contacts from Galaxy S4 to iPhone 6S/6S Plus first