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How to trouble shoot windows computer if booting stucks

Updated on June 14, 2012

.If your boot process is get stuck at some point during the boot process (eg get stuck at the point of showing windows loading picture, windows logo etc)

In this case the problem is that windows boot files are currupted and hence booting process is not going on smoothly. It gets stuck at some point.

Here the solution is to recover windows. To do that put windows CD in CD drive, select CD Rom as the first boot device. Then at the point asking whether you want to install windows or modify existing windows insatllation, select recover existing windows installation.

Recovering windows takes comparitively less time comapred to reinstalling windows. Also the softwares installed in windows will not be lost. So try to reinstall only if the recovering process did not succeed. Also recovering windows make the windows registraton process unnecessary. But if you are installing windows again by formating you will have to register your windows again but there is no need if you are recovering it.

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