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How to turn webpages/website into an iPhone or iPad app

Updated on November 13, 2010

Turning a web page or website into an iPhone or iPad app is quick and easy to do. Imagine being able to access your most common web site with a single touch, skipping the bookmarks page or annoying login processes. As more and more interactive web sites become iPhone friendly, this trick will become even more powerful. There are plenty of iPhone/iPad compatible web sites that do not have equivalent iPhone apps. Here is a step by step process of how to go about making a web page into an iPhone or iPad app.

Step 1

Start the Safari web browser and go to the web page you want to turn into an app. If you are planning in using a site that has a login, be sure to log into the application first. Then go the most common screen of the application you use.

Step 2

Select the “+” symbol at the bottom of Safari. This will bring up the bookmark screen which allows you to bookmark the web page, send the page via email or create an application from the web page.

Step 3

On the bookmark screen select the “Add to Home Screen”.

Step 4

The application add screen will now be displayed. It will create an app symbol from the web page icon if there is one. If there is no web page icon, it will create a symbol from the screen shot. The symbol for the new app will be shown along with the page name. You can rename the app to whatever you want and touch the “Add” button.

Step 5

The application will be appear on your home screen. This is now like any app, just move it to where you want to use it or put it into an iOS folder.

Some web sites that may make good iPad or iPhone apps

  • - There is no good free iPhone app to access Hotmail email. But the web site has all of the Hotmail functionality suitable for the iPhone. Update: you can now use hotmail natively on the iPhone.

  • Google voice – Apple pulled the Google voice app for some reason. But you can get all of the Google voice functionality on their web site through Javascript. The only function missing is the lack of alert notifications.

  • – is a portal that brings together many communication protocols like RSS. For some strange reason, there is no iPhone app.


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