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How to turn off predictive text input in HTC Sensation Handsets

Updated on October 27, 2014

Predictive Text Input

This feature in Android phones is a brilliant one. When we start typing a word, it just automatically predicts what we are about to type and it inputs the text. But sometimes it becomes too much annoying. And if you want to turn it off in settings you just can't do that because the option to disable this Predictive text input remains with a black overlay by default, so that you won't be able to select it. So we are going to remove that layer first and then let's turn that feature off.

Go to All apps menu and select Settings

Under Settings swipe the screen upwards and you will see an option named Language & keyboard. Select that

Under Language and Keyboard, select the icon at the right side of the Touch input option

This is where we are about to remove that black overlay. Select the Text Input option.

As you see in the picture, the prediction cannot be selected. This is what I've been mentioning as the black overlay. To turn off predictive text input, we need to first remove this overlay and only then we will be able to get in to the option.

Now that you are in the above screen, just press back button once and go back to the previous menu. In that, select the Trace keyboard option.

As you see, the Trace keyboard feature is enabled by default.

Now just unmark the feature and turn it off.

Now go back to the previous menu and select Text input.

And voila, that black overlay is no more.

Just turn off the Prediction by unmarking it.

Now go type whatever you want, and your phone will not input texts automatically. :)


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