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How to type in shorthand in your computer

Updated on January 31, 2016

Typing in shorthand in Microsoft Word is very popular. However, you can not type in shorthand in other applications by using the Autocorrect Options. So, this is how I use macro in unikey- a very simple and light software for typing in shorthand in almost every applications of Windows without having to specify the shorthand letters more than once:

First step: Download and install unikey

First, go to, press the download button

press the red buttion
press the red buttion

Then, choose the program to download. If you are using Windows 8 and above, you will need the latest version: UniKey 4.2 RC4. For Windows 7 and below, if this version is not working well, you can use the older UniKey 4.0 RC2.

If you don't want an installer, you can download Unikey package in a ZIP file.

Second step: open unikey

Double click the icon of Unikey. You should uncheck the "show this dialog box at start up" option. Otherwise the dialog of unikey will keep showing up everytime your computer start up.

the red one should be unchecked
the red one should be unchecked

Third step: create macro for shorthand typing

In order to type in shorthand, both of the following options must be checked

Next, press the Macro table button

Edit the macro table.

Now, you can edit the macro table.

In the Replace blank, type in the abbreviation. Next, press the Tab button or point your mouse to the With, then type in the letters that it stand for.

For example, I want ftm to abbreviate for furthermore, then, I will fill like this

Then, press enter on your keyboard or the Add button.

Then, you can continue to enter the abbreviations and what they stand for. You can abbreviate even for a sentence. For example,

After finishing editing the marcro table, press OK. If you don't press OK, your macro will not be saved and you cannot type in shorthand as you wish.

Use shorthand typing when you type

Now, you can start type in shorthand:

Just type the abbreviated letter then hit the space bar and the words that the abbreviated letter will appear!

If you don't want the letters that the abbreviations stand for to appear, press Ctrl before pressing the space bar.

Further information

You can copy whole the installed program file and to USB and run on USB without having to install anymore.

The macrofile can be copied, pasted.


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