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How to unlock your HTC Trinity for free

Updated on June 17, 2011

HTC Trinity Cell Phone

HTC Trinity cell phone. Also known as the P3600.
HTC Trinity cell phone. Also known as the P3600. | Source

Unlocking the HTC Trinity is simple!

You can unlock your own HTC Trinity yourself, it's a rather simple process if you know what to do to unlock the phone and get your unlock code. I have found an unlocking guide for this phone in the past, followed it and learned how to teach my friends this simple process by showing them.

Now I'll show you how to do the same thing, great ready to do this free phone unlock....

Is this unlock difficult?

Easyness: 5 / 5 (Super Easy!)

Using the HTC Trinity phone unlocking software

First, unzip the phone unlocking software to a location on your desktop or somewhere you'll remember.

Next, you'll need to run the AUTO_Unlock_v1.bat file and it'll guide you on screen with directions (see picture). This process is pretty simple but if you insist on doing it manually then:

  1. Otherwise here are instructions to get your cell unlocked:
  2. Transfer SSPL/SSPL-TRIN.exe to your cell phone and run it
  3. Tri-color screen will appear on phone
  4. Disable activesync (file -> connection settings -> uncheck "allow USB connections")
  5. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB lead.
  6. Run RUU/ROMUpgradeUtility.exe
  7. Follow the flashing process (Check the "I understand..." and "I completed..." boxes and update!)
  8. Allow your phone to reboot.
  9. Transfer TRIN_Unlock_v1.exe program to your phone and run it
  10. Click the Unlock Button, select unlock option. Select if you want SIM/CID phone unlock (free you from cell phone carriers)
  11. Click "Unlock" and wait until process finishes.
  12. When done, turn off your phone for 10 seconds and reboot after that.

Rather have video?

Why should you unlock?

You may be wondering why on earth would someone unlock a cell phone?? Well I'll tell ya:


  • You can travel overseas and talk
  • You can sell your phone to another GSM user
  • You can use multiple SIM cards
  • You have more control over your phone service


  • To this date I don't know of any cons to unlocking a phone


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    • ProdigyMike profile image

      ProdigyMike 6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for leaving a comment Lenore, I really appreciate it! This is my first hub but I'll be sure to put many more with great info.

    • Lenore Robinson profile image

      Lenore Robinson 6 years ago from Delaware

      Good information! Thanks!