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How to use Li-Fi as a wireless internet technology:

Updated on November 6, 2014

Light Fidelity (LI-FI):

Now a days every thing is being advanced, that's why data transfer rate is also being high. If we want to transfer data from one system to an other system. And data is in terabytes so we need a high bandwidth speed internet. It is the time to use LI-FI with high bandwidth speed and high quality internet. This technology has lot of advantages, but we know that if any technology has any kind of advantages so there will be some disadvantages.

People commonly uses internet and they want high speed, has there was 3G and now a days in many countries 4G is available. It is the modern time where internet is every where. And we have an other technology which is called IOT (Internet of Things). For IOT the LI-FI is very important, because IOT dependent on internet and it needs a high speed bandwidth connection.

1: Advantages and differences between new and old internet technology:

  1. There is a good advantage of using the LI-FI in the electromagnetic areas, such as nuclear power plant and aircraft without occurrence of interferences during the communication.
  2. It has a good security related to walls if we compare it with Wi-Fi which is, the waves of the light will not penetrate.
  3. The main object is, it is working on VLC (Visible Light Communication).
  4. It will be used in mobile communications to make it faster communication in the field of the mobile technologies.

LI-FI Technology

2. How to use Li-Fi technology?

As we talked about the VLC (Visible Light Communication), the terahertz radiations which will be emit from the LED light then VLC will transmit Signals over LED Bulbs. We should know something about the LED Lights; these are considered as Solid State. Knowledge about LED lights should be clear, because we are commonly using LED bulbs in our electronic labs for experiments. There is a little difference between these LED.

It is easy to use, and you will not be in trouble when you are using the LIFI. Because it will depend on your LED Lights. As we know that the electricity is every where 24/7 ( twenty four hours in a week). That's why people try to give you a chance to don't use wires. Because it is a hard work to spread the wires and its cost too. So now it will be easy to use internet through LiFi. And our wifi technology will be speed due to LIFI. It will give you fast access of net, fast browsing and it was tested in china using youtube browsing. It was so fast and they really enjoyed the internet of LIFi. Because they didn't wait for the buffering and rendering problems. Internet users want speed internet how much it is possible, so now their desires will be completed by LIFI.

It is being used in some country's some areas or cities. Because creators or developers, in simple scientists are working on it to make it more secure and also they are trying to make some alternative solutions of internet if there is a lost of internet connection when using internet from LIFI. So the solutions will provide you internet during the lost or failure of internet. And this is main purpose of the security and research agenda. But there are some questions which are arising day by day on LIFI technology. Because the LED lights are just available in rooms or buildings. But what should we do, when we are far away from these things. So it is not good in these situations. That's the reason it is not being apply or launch fully in the global or world market. We should be hope for positive because LIFI is a great and nice technology. It will have lot of benefits for every one.


China scientists made internet much cheaper as we compare it with previous internet methodologies. As there is also a term which is famous from IOT, and it is stands for Internet Of Things. When we talk or discuss about IOT so it means that our every things which are being used in our daily routine, they will be able to access using internet. But the problem is that how it is possible, and how we can spread wires or internet cables every where? So its problem is solved many days or months ago because we are using internet by the help of some protocols as there are Wifi. Of-course in Lan it is might be hard to use the internet for every thing.

IOT creates smart homes, smart cities, smart buildings. So for these purposes we need a cheapest internet for ever. And this job is done by LIFI, and the most important thing is China is using it in some places to check it and make it more successful.

By using the tap bulbs the internet is mind blowing. How much your tap bulbs will used your internet will be speed and available for you to use it.

In my graduation i learnt about one hundred and sixty (160) research papers from which i got lot of knowledge about IOT. And i think that, it is going to apply or use by allover the world. As we know that we want to be aware what is happening in our houses. And what our children are doing. And we also want to know how they are living now. So these all your wishes and desires will be complete by IOT. And the LIFI will give success these all ideas. Because every one is thinking that, we will not able to use internet more due to its cost. But if you will get a cheap internet so what you will do. Of course you will use it.

And it is now on the way, you know and used 3G, and coming 4G. These the Generations of the internet broadband as well as speed. But if you get the LIFI you will be in a heaven, because your all problem related internet will be solve.


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