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How to use Mini Display to HDMI on a Mac

Updated on February 5, 2010

Mini-Display Port to HDMI Adapter

When the Mini-display port connection was initially introduced, many consumers wondered why Apple did not decide to include the current HDMI standard into its desktop and laptop computers. Many people thought that including this connection in a Mac Mini would allow the "minified" computer to be used as a super Apple TV. Instead, Apple's customers are wondering what they can do to use the highly popular HDMI standard instead of Mini-displayport.

Recently, US companies have begun to offer a mini-display port to HDMI adapter that makes connecting any new Macintosh to an HDTV a breeze. Simply connect the TV to the adapter using a standard v1.3 HDMI cable and the Macintosh will automatically detect the new connection. Apple doesn't offer this HDMI adapter due to licensing issues, but it is available inexpensively from many online retailers.

Mini display port to HDMI for mac
Mini display port to HDMI for mac

The Good

Connecting a Mac to and HDTV using this mini-display port adapter is a great way to use the device as a full featured media center with DVD player. You can easily connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to your Macbook, iMac, or Mac Mini if it includes bluetooth (or by using the manufacture's USB wireless transmitter). This allows you to surf the web, watch movies, even do email. The adapter displays resolutions up to the limit of the computer, which means that a 1080p TV will work without any problem with any of the newer Macs.

The Not as Good

One nice aspect of using the HDMI standard is the ability to integrate or combine audio AND video into one cable. With this adapter, it only works with video and not audio. This means that you will need to string a separate audio cable when connecting your computer to a TV or other multimedia device. The specifications for mini-display port supports the use of digital audio, but sadly, Apple did not include this functionality in this port for an unknown reason.


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      Jonathan 5 years ago

      Is there any graphics card for apple macbook air 11 if it is there please inform me

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