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How to use Motormouth II Bluetooth Hands Free Device with your Audio Jack

Updated on April 30, 2013

Motormouth II Turns and Audio Jack into Integrated Bluetooth

Scosche released its Motormouth II (model BTAXS) this year, and it makes a great gift for those looking for an affordable way to install hands free bluetooth technology without removing the radio. All you need is an audio jack and you can have hand-free, installation-free calling. The one big advantage Motormouth II has over its competitors is its ability to play calls over the car's own sound system using the audio jack. The Motormouth II advertises itself as truly plug and play, (just plug it into a 3.5mm audio jack, glue the mic onto the dash and viola) and that is technically true, but I found a few modifications take this reasonably priced gadget to a new level of usefulness.

First, let's focus on the flaws of this device. In short, the cords are too short. For those of you who have an audio jack in the center console, as in a 2007 Mercury Milan, the mic can barely reach the dash. With the mic so far away from one's mouth, it is doomed to sounding as if in some type of wind tunnel. Beyond this, the whole point of hands free technology is to keep you focused on the road. The multi-function button on the Motormouth II is most effective when the mic is easier to reach. It doesn't make much sense to have a hands free device that requires you to look down to activate.

To solve these design flaws, you will need to buy a USB extension female to male cord and a female to male 3.5mm audio cord. If you go to Radioshak, they will try to charge you $40 for these two items. Go online, I got both at Amazon for under $10. These cords allow you to move the Motormouth II pretty much anywhere in the car.

Run the cords out of the center console, under the driver's seat, up the side of the dash and attach the mic nearer where the driver's head will be. This proximity helps cut own on background noise and makes it easier to reach. Secure the cords with electrical tape and hide them as much as possible. You have hands-free bluetooth for under $100.

Other Hands-free Bluetooth Options

There are certainly other ways to utilize bluetooth technology to make a hands-free calls. There are the infamous headsets. They may get a bad name when people wear them like a fashion accessory, but they are very good at what they were designed to do–make phone calls.

There are also devices that attach to the visor and dash. These stand alone devices have about the same effectiveness as the Motormouth II, but do not play through the sound system of the car.

Finally, there are those devices that require professional installation. These devices will fully integrate with the car's sound system. They come at a price, but they are the best in terms of call quality and ease of use.

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me? | Source

Tips for Best Sound Quality for Hands-free Phone Calls

#1 Get the mic as close as possible to your mouth. The farther away your voice is, the more ambient noise will get past the sound filter in the device.

#2 Eliminate noise you can control. The two major sources of ambient noise is wind and road noise. Reduce your speed and you reduce road noise. It's probably a good idea to slow down if you are talking on the phone any way. Wind noise comes in two forms: the wind outside and the wind inside from your car's own a/c and heater. That's right, the a/c causes wind noise.

#3 Quiet in the back seat! Other people talking, moving, or making noise distracts the driver and the microphone. It doesn't know which voice to latch on to and so it sends more data that you want.


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