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How to use a Kindle Fire HD in Nigeria

Updated on March 11, 2013

When it comes to the best e-readers, none does it as well as than the Kindle and with the fire hd version, it has only become much better.

The Kindle Fire HD does much more than read electronic documents as one can also use it to watch videos, listen to music, store computer files, play hd games and browse the web. Besides, it has a large store of apps that could also allow users take pictures, write notes and do much more.

Since I got my Kindle Fire HD, it has made it easier for me to carry something like a mini computer around without having to carry a laptop all the time. You can move from your room to the parlour or even garage with your Kindle Fire without feeling that you are carrying an extra weight. It is so light and yet hard enough to resist shock.

When it comes to browsing the web, the Kindle fire does offer one single option for getting connected - Wireless.connectivity. It requires a Wi-Fi hotspot for accessing the world wide web and there are not many of them available in Nigeria.

Kindle Fire HD has dual Wi-Fi antennas that make it easier to capture wireless signals within a 10 feet range.

There are not many Wi-Fi hotspots available in Nigeria but they do exist so one way you can easily use your Kindle Fire to browse the web would be by locating one close to you and using it there. If it is not convenient going out to access Wi-Fi hostpots, you can simply get a private wireless internet service from any of the local providers. All you need to do to connect a Kindle to a Wireless connection is to turn the wireless switch on, detect connections and enter a key, if necessary.

Wireless internet service providers in Nigeria:

In order to use your Kindle Fire HD in Nigeria, you'd need to subscribe to a provider that offers it in any of their plans and then you'd be able to use it for your Kindle, even at home.

Here are some networks I know offer such Wireless internet service systems:

  • MTN Nigeria: Hynet offers Wi-Fi services
  • Swift NG:

I personally use MTN's hynet and this comes with a CPE modem that gives wireless signals as well as the option for using an ethernet cable. When getting the internet service from your provider, just ask them if it is offers wireless connections. A Wireless internet connection allows multiple users to access the internet at the same time without the need for an ethernet or USB cable.

Installing and playing HD games

There are a lot of games you can play on your Kindle fire device and some can be for free while others need to be paid for. Chances are that if you are residing in Nigeria, your may not be able to access the Amazon game store but don't worry, there are other android sites where you can get a lot of games. What you basically need to do is to download the apk file and then install it. You can checkout opera's app store at One of the exciting games I've played is Angry Birds.

Watching videos

You may not be able to buy or watch full videos on your Kindle Fire hd in Nigeria but you can watch a lot of movie trailers from the Amazon store. All you need to do is go the the video link and you'd see upcoming videos. You can also watch a lot of streaming videos from YouTube and even download them by getting a Youtube downloader app from the opera store. You can as well copy videos from your computer to the Kindle for later watching as long as they are in mp4 format. I normally prefer copying short mp4 music videos rather than full videos since the latter can take up to 1 gb while a music video may take only about 2 MB and that allows you to store more.

Listening to Music

You can listen to music and audio on your Kindle as long as they are in the required mp3 format for your device. Some other formats too are supported. You can listen to songs or audio books and it even helps save your batter life.


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