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How to use internet efficiently and productively

Updated on September 22, 2012

Internet the greatest humankind achievement in our modern area is blamed to be the biggest source of people wasting their time. Majority of people go online every day for no particular reason and do not accomplish anything material but spend hours and hours of their time to have fun, entertain themselves and browse aimlessly . Like everything else in life, conscious well planned effort is needed to use internet productively and reaped all benefit.

Free Internet
Free Internet | Source

Many people are unaware of long hours spent in front of the computer. Internet is like Indiana Jones searching treasury in pyramid with full of traps. Like in the real life, there is no free lunch in internet. Many students with false hopes they think they can find perfect answers for their class assignments and information is accurate and free. They only find out the quality content are not free, all they get is Wikipedia or people are discussing in the forum. Some people believe, internet makes them rich with small but brilliant effort, only 99% of time, they realize that someone else already figured that out 20 years ago.

In reality, internet is highly interactive medium. Entry cost to publish idea, opinion is virtually free, with very little regulation. That is great for companies to set their website to launch marketing campaign, automate customer support and recruit new employees. It is also great for individuals to do banking, reading, communicating and educating themselves.

How much time do you spent in internet per day?

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Ways to avoid wasting time in internet

Give priority to accomplish material work:
Do not do anything else until you do below tasks if you have any

The most beneficial use of internet

1) Get something done on internet

a. Check bank account, transfer money

b. Pay bills

c. Apply a job, a new school.

2) Research

a. Read scientific fact from Wiki

b. Learn how to do something

i. Tie a tie

ii. Lawn maintenance

c. Find the best school for your child

3) Cut communication, shopping and entertainment cost

a. Communicate via email, chat, video call

b. Consume high quality informative visual and textual media and get rid of your cable company

c. Compare prices to find better deal on shopping

Avoid virtualization on your social interaction and leisure time

Text message or ecard does not replace your hand written card. Sending email is not as good as visiting your close friend in hospital. Ordering your grocery online can never replace the fun family time going supermarket together with your kid even you know your kid will ask anything she sees on the shelf. If you think that you are saving your time doing these electronically in internet, you are only prisoning yourself to home and abstracting out yourself from real world. You are not saving time; you are trying to find additional time to consume more time in internet.

How do I know if I am using my time efficiently in internet?

· Your wife sent you message on Facebook that dinner is ready in living room

· You are about to go airport and spending time to update your status on Facebook

· You now know all rumor for latest iPhone and you do not know the weather is going to be like today

· You told your wife watching London 2012 Olympics in stadium is expensive instead both of you together can watch replay in family iPad while you live in London and 65 inches Flat screen TV is in living room.

· Your 4 year child asked you to buy him a book, you convinced him to find free children book on internet to read together and you ended up to watch cartoon in youtube.

· You are questioning kindle will not sell since it is browser is experimental and not possible to play game. You proudly bought multi touch screen tablet computer for your children to quickly learn reading and math.

· You are using internet at work for not related to your work

· You are searching a job at work in internet while you are employed

What do you spent your majority of your time in internet?

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Do you know if there are other efficient way of using internet? Do you agree with the article? Please have your say.


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