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How to use our cell phone as a modem to access fast internet

Updated on June 15, 2012

Before connecting our cell phone to pc we have to install the driver software according to our cell phone brand. If you are using a Nokia cell phone you want to install Nokia pc suite. Driver disc are usually provided by your cell phone manufacture company with your cell phone.

There are mainly three ways to connect our cell phone with pc to access internet. They are


Nowadays infrared are not used because of its limitation. Infrared function has been vanished from most of the cell phones.

Data cable

Data cable is usually provided by your cell phone company itself. Otherwise you have to buy it from mobile stores.


Bluetooth can be seen in most of the cell phones. For connecting PC with cell phones, we need blue tooth function in both devices. If your PC doesn’t have such a module then you can buy a Bluetooth dongle for 2 or 3 dollars from the mobile stores and want to connect it to the USB port of your PC.

In which of the three ways, we can access a fast internet connection

I won’t say we can access fast internet connection by any of these ways. But I can help you to choose the best way among the three.

I have tried to access internet using data cable and also by Bluetooth in 2G network. And I understand that using Bluetooth we can access internet much faster than that of data cable.

Using data cable the internet connection speed is seen to be 460kbps in 2G network. But it takes lot of time to load a page.

In the case of Bluetooth the connection speed is seen to be 115kbps in 2G network. But it takes less time to load a webpage than that of the time taken by data cable connection.

Which web browser is better to use, while cell phone is used as modem

I have tried Google chrome, Firefox, safari and internet explorer. Among these browsers Google chrome loaded pages much faster than of the others.


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