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How to write Agile Test Plan

Updated on May 1, 2010

Agile Test Plan

Agile Testing -- Writing a Test Plan

In the traditional waterfall methodology, the Test Plan is the first document that is written by SQA and it covers the whole project which in my opinion is bulkier and last’s over more than 10 pages. This test plan is revised and updated for every release. But In agile development the test plans are written for each release. And it also can be concise and light weight. This test plan will only serve the purpose during release of a project.

The agile test plan will address the issues like types of testing done in that iteration, test environments, test data requirements, infrastructure, may be test results too.

Here is the sample of the Test Plan that we have created.

Project ABC

Introduction: Brief introduction about the release

Resources: Testers involved in testing in this release

In Scope of the Release: What is the scope?

Out of Scope to this Release:

New Functionality to be tested in this Release:

a) Feature to be tested ( search functionality)

b) Depth of Testing ( Testing in different Operating systems)

Performance and Load testing:

User Acceptance testing:

Infrastructure considerations:

Third party Software:


Risks: document

The above fields are filled and this document serves for the particular release

So for each release a new test plan will be created.

Test Plan Alternatives:

You can also write a Test Matrix which can contain the matrix of the functionality to be tested with the conditions to be tested. This gives the team an overview of the functionality to be tested.

Test Spreadsheet:

You can also use a test spreadsheet. The first tab on the workbook will list the high-level list of the functionality that existed in the application. Each row will list the what part of the project will affect which functionality.

Also teams can use a white board for informal releases.

Click here to read the wikipedia in agile development

Here is the link for How to prioritize a story point


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    • Booster911 profile image

      Stewart Smith 7 years ago from UK

      The standard for test specs is IEEE829, why have you not adopted it?

    • profile image

      rajneelagal 7 years ago

      Out of Scope to this Release:why are we worried about this?

    • lkanamala profile image

      lkanamala 7 years ago

      I have noticed it. Deleted that link . Thanks for lettin me know.

    • profile image

      shums 7 years ago

      hey why does your link direct to an amazon page?