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How-to Use Google Video

Updated on November 4, 2011

It is really quite easy.

If you want to use the new Video option on HubPages you will have to first load the video you want to display to either YouTube or Google Video. You will then place a link from your Hub to the video on one of these two services. In this Hub I will explain how to upload files to Google Video.

In addition to its recent YouTube acquisition, Google also still offers its earlier video sharing service. While similar to YouTube in many ways there are some differences. First, Google Video offers the option of both Public and Unlisted availability. If you check Public, your video will appear in search engine results and anyone in the world will be able to view it. However, if you check Unlisted the URL for the video will not appear in search results and only those who have been given the URL will be able to view it. The Unlisted option is ideal for sharing private videos with family and friends (however, this is like an unlisted phone number – the URL is not published but anyone who gets the URL can access the video and, if you have friends or family members who can’t resist sharing your video with everyone in their email address book and publishing it on their blogs and MySpace sites, your video will soon become public despite the fact that Google does not include it in its searches). Second, if you make the video public, and if you own the intellectual property rights, you can offer it for sale to people who want to download it. So this site can be an opportunity to make money for you even though you will not get the publicity that you might get from a YouTube posting.

Here are the steps needed to access the service and upload videos:

- Go to

- If you already have a Google account simply click on Sign in located in the upper right corner of the screen and sign-in. If you don’t have a Google Account, still click on “Sign-in” and register for an account – it’s FREE! (See Steps 1 and 2 photo below).

- Once in Google click on My Account in the upper right corner. (NOTE: Your account listing contains only those Google services you have previously signed up for. If you haven’t signed up for Google Video, first click on the word more which appears above the Google search box in the upper middle of the page and then click on more again in the box that appears. Scroll down the products page and you should see Video as the third option from the end in the first column. Click on this and sign-up to have it added to your account).

- In your Account list click on Video. (See Step 3 graphic below)

- A page will appear (See Step 4 graphic below) showing any videos you have previously uploaded. Click on the tab marked Upload Video.

- On this page (See Step 5 graphic below) select option 1 if your video is 100 megabytes or less. Select option 2 if your video is greater than 100 megabytes.

- On the next page (See Step 6 graphic below) click on the Browse button to find the video you want to upload. Google will accept videos with the following extensions: avi, .asf, .mov, .wmv, .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, .ra, .ram, and .mod If your video has a different extension Google says they will TRY to accommodate it. Also, any video file loaded MUST contain video as well as any audio, pictures or graphics – if there is NO VIDEO CONTENT in the file it will NOT be accepted. Be sure to read the terms to make sure that your video is in compliance with Google’s rules and then check the “I agree” box. Finally, click the Upload button and wait while the video is uploaded.

A new screen will appear when finished and on it will be the URL for your video. Copy and paste this URL into the box on your HubPages Video Content Capsule and you video will now appear on that Hub.

Using Google Video - Steps 1 & 2

Using Google Video - Step 3

Using Google - Step 4. This page shows all of your videos. To upload a new one Click on "Upload Video" at top left (see arrow)

Using Google Video - Step 5. Select upload method.

Using Google Video - Step 6. Enter ALL information and upload.

Using Google Video - Step 7. Link to one of your HubPages.


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    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 

      11 years ago from San Francisco

      This is great info. I haven't uploaded my own videos before, but I've put up some Google and YouTube videos into my hubs. Thanks for the useful information!

    • jimmythejock profile image

      James Paterson 

      11 years ago from Scotland

      great info chuck nice hub.....jimmy


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