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How to save the Environment

Updated on July 1, 2012

Environment - The topic to concern

Humans may be called the most intelligent creature in this world, but to pollute the environment doesn't seems be any sign of intelligence. 21st century is believed to be century of science and technology. With advancement of living standards the level of pollution have also been increased due to human activities. Vehicles, Industry, Construction have led to mass destruction of nature. If we didn't care about environment now the whole world will be in danger.

Following are some simple methods by which you can contribute to save Environment

1. Reduce use of non renewable fuel

Burning fuel is the major cause of pollution. Most of the Non-renewable fuels like coal, petrol and LPG burn to produce toxic gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur oxides. So we should reduce the use of these fuels. We can use electric bikes and cars as replacement to our traditional vehicles. These vehicles are pollution free and running cost is very low.

2. Save Water

Water is the most useful product in our daily activities. Water is available in huge amount but drinkable water is only 2% of total, rest is salty and can't be used in daily life. A lot of electric energy is used in extraction the water under ground and to purify it. So by saving water we can save the use of electricity.

3. 3 R's- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

These 3 R's can be very helpful in saving the environment

Reduce: It refers to reduction in waste material. A lot of drink cans, Jars and bottles are thrown after using. These resources cause lot of damage to environment. Usage of these resources should be minimized.

Reuse: There are lot of things which can be reused like plastic bags, paper and several other home stuff. Printed paper can be used by printing at back side. By reusing we can save both money and energy.

Recycle: Inspite of throwing away waste products we can recycle it. These days technogy companies have started the recycle plan for mobiles and computers. It can help reducing the electron garbage.

4. Use Public Transport: Public transport should be used as much as possible. It saves our natural resources, money and protect the environment from pollution caused by private vehicles.

5. Change to organic farming: Most of the pesticides not only kill pests but reach to humans and animals via crops/fruits. These can cause serious damage to health. Organic farming is practice of using natural fertilizers and good quality seeds. Production expenditure is very less in Organic farming compared to conventional farming.

Other tips to save environment

  • Switch off electric equipments when not in use
  • Unplug the mobile/laptop charger from socket
  • Use bicycle instead of bike and bike instead of car if possible
  • Use different bins for organic and inorganic waste. Use organic waste in plants by mixing it in soil. It will improve the fertility of soil.
  • While shopping carry cotton/jute bags and pack things in them instead of polythene.
  • and the last one quit if you smoke. It cause damage not only to your health but your family and surroundings.


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    • gouravgoyal1234 profile image

      gouravgoyal1234 5 years ago from Chandigarh, India

      Excellent hub...