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How well established is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

Updated on June 14, 2017

Virtual Reality

Battle against the Roman Empire. Explore the depths of the Great Barrier Reef. Take a front-row seat at the Big Game. Go Sky-Diving. All this while you sit in the comfort of your living room. Virtual Reality (VR) opens up possibilities to create, design and experience a reality like never before. VR with the help computer-simulated environments and illusions, sometimes in combinations with physical feedback and senses, creates a user-experience one may only dream of.

VR can be understood as a new way for all Businesses to create great Customer and Employee experiences with beyond the ordinary realistic but virtual environments. VR signifies high-end user interface that involves real-time simulations and interface with the help multiple wearable devices.

Augmented Reality

The trend of clicking normal pictures of yourself and your friends is long gone; people want puppy ears on their head, graphic rainbows in the sky and fire breathing out of their nose when they click pictures. How is this possible? Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes computer-generated images/feedbacks on to the user’s view of the world, providing a compound view. As compared to VR, where an entirely new reality is created, AR enhances one’s current perception of reality. With the help of advanced AR the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulable. Information about the environment and its objects is overlaid on the real world.

VR | Source


A lot of Industries have largely implemented AR and VR in their products and Services and new applications continue to emerge.

VR and AR for architecture and Real Estate: We are all hesitant and nervous when it comes to buying property, especially if the site is still under construction. Floor Plans, blueprints, 2D images never give a clear picture of how the property will turn up. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality become the solutions here.

Developers create virtual walk-throughs and models of their flats and surrounding area while the project is still under development. This helps Builders and Property Owners attract Investors as well as potential buyers. Whereas, customers unable to reach these offices can request agents to visit them; Agents can carry VR/AR devices and the customers can have a look at the project irrespective of their location.

VR and AR for Health Care: Health Care is one field heavily dependent on training and experience. Unfortunately though, doctors and other staff do not get efficient training in high-risk involving procedures. What they learn is from observation and their study material. Virtual Reality plays a major role in procedures like these.

Augmented Reality can completely transform how information is depicted in Health care and Medicine. AR/VR techniques in medicine can be used for training by superimposing information on cadavers, machinery and other equipment. Students can study detailed anatomy superimposed onto different areas of the human/animal body – from text books or from the real body – accompanied by text and audio. A surgeon can point out the exact spot he/she needs to make an incision at making operations quicker and safer.

VR and AR for Industrial Training: Gamification with the help of VR and AR is key when it comes to construction and skilled labour. Training experiences that would have once been high-risk can now be accessible in a virtual, game-like environment that allows workers to practice and become comfortable with their tools before touching any actual hardware.

Companies build simulations for various machinery like Fork-Lifts, cranes, drills, etc so that labourers can practice and train without the risk of any damages or risk to life. These simulations can also give trainees an experience of risk management and problem solving in times of mishaps in reality. VR simulations will also assist in minimizing fear in individuals as their jobs may include working on high-rises, low-light areas and confined spaces.

VR and AR for Theme Parks, Museums and Game Zones: In an age of ever developing businesses in Entertainment and Sports, what people demand is something beyond the ordinary. Riding a Roller Coaster is no more fun unless it takes you through a ring of fire or lets you ride amongst mysterious creatures. One might wonder if this is even possible.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if a theme you just bought tickets to provides you free apps that can be used throughout the park? These apps would be even better when coupled with AR technology. See a map in the park? Point your phone towards the map and it will provide visuals to show various rides in the park, how you can reach them and all sorts of information.

AR and VR for Gaming: VR/AR Games and Applications have lately gained immense popularity since the advent of affordable VR Boxes and their versatility with various mobile devices. VR and AR both give a broad scope of expansion for Games and Applications.

A number of entertainment fields have been benefitted with Augmented Reality. Similarly the Gaming field has had the best results out of AR. AR can be used in games to redefine environments and to change the way a player looks at the world around her/him.

Many other industries can take VR’s support to promote their projects. With the VR technology at our disposal, we can set forward a more immersive and realistic alternative to the mainstream approach of entertainment, gaming, education, training and various other fields.

Which Industry do you think is gonna be benefited most by VR/AR in the future?

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Companies that provide Services

A few companies (in India) that provide great AR/VR services are as follows:

  1. Nilee Games and Future Technologies
  2. Tesseract Inc.
  3. Transcend
  4. WOWsome


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