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How Do Free Music Download Programs Stay Legal?

Updated on December 28, 2011

How Do Free Music Download Programs Stay Legal?

After the fall of Napster, it seemed like free music download programs would be doomed to be a thing of the past, only to be a mere blip in internet history. Yet, almost a decade later, free music programs are still alive, and in many cases, also legal. Have you ever wondered how you can get music for free without having to worry about lawsuits? Well, there are several ways that music programs do this.

· One way that free music download programs stay free is thanks to sponsors who pay money in order to host popular songs on the sites. In exchange for the money, sites and programs might put up ads for their sponsors. This is very true on sites that feature free downloads from very popular bands.

· Another way that free music download programs keep on the right side of the law is by featuring music by unsigned artists who are actively trying to promote their art through free downloads. This is still a common way for music artists to get their music heard by record labels, and it has contributed to several artists going viral. By downloading their music from free programs, you are helping new artists become superstars.

· It’s also possible that free music download programs could be launched by record labels as a way to sample their latest music signees. This is more common with indie or underground labels than it is with mainstream labels, but there have been cases where both have contributed to it. This is actually possible because the record labels that sign your favorite music artists have the rights to the song.

· Sometimes, the legality of a program depends on the country that you reside in. Though many free music download programs are illegal in the US, there are many countries in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa which don’t have the same copyright restrictions as the US. In these lucky countries, all of the music download programs that you know and love are free.

These are some of the ways that music download programs stay legal in the United States, but the fact of the matter is that there are other ways to get around the complicated copyright laws that are associated with this issue. If you aren’t sure which programs you should use, it’s a good idea to “shop around.” After all, one program might have the music (and legal backing) that another doesn’t.


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