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Best 8 Ways To Increase Readers To Your Blog

Updated on January 28, 2012

How to Get More Blog Readers

Making money through a blog is the one of the effective ways today. But to make money using a blog, you need a useful stuff in it. How one can get their blog famous? It is only by getting some traffic daily to that blog, then only the will monetize. Great distribution of reading material from the blog is the only way to get traffic to a blog. By this way the blog will become famous. The most important aim of one blogger is to get more readers only. What are the other ways to make one blog famous?There are plenty of techniques to build one blog additionally famous other than the large readership. We will see the most important 3 ways getting more readership one by one:

1. Primarily one visitor comes to a blog only to read the content. So one blogger must create quality articles about a 'particular content' with regular updates. What a 'particular content'? A 'NICHE' is a specialized blog subject. A blogger who has an interest in a particular subject that might be selected as the favorite niche of that blogger. If one writes the niche in that way he can write more articles with great information for the reader, then automatically the people come to search that particular content will make interesting to them.

2. Now we can say that any content about a particular thing is niche of the blog, but writing articles is not an easy way. The writer primarily should write grammatically without any errors and should have knowledge in writing styles in any language he or she writes. As the visitors of a blog is rummaging around for topics relevant for them to read always. The written content's expression should be lucid, but not in the way of feeling tough to read. This is most important. Lucidity of the expression, simplicity, and grammar are more important things considered by an author.

3. Building a famous blog is simply getting more traffic from many sources by many readers with some thirst to read. Other than content development by writing quality articles, one blogger should bring more target readers to a blog by more back links.How to create more back links to a blog? The greatest source of target visitors for a blog is social bookmarking. The famous social bookmarking sites like stumbleUpon, Twitter, Myspace, Digg, etc., will be of greatly helpful. One blogger should put buttons of these websites to a blog is an effective way. Other ways of getting more quality traffic to a blog are Yahoo Answers, Youtube videos, and Facebook. A blog should be added in all famous search engine directories like Google, Yahoo, and MSN etc. also helpful. In the above ways one blog gets more targeted quality traffic from good sources.

4. Doing updates are very much important to give your readers some stuff often to keep in touch with them. An update twice a week is good, but daily updates are very good.

5. You may use free pinging services like pingmyblog, pingler, feedping, and google feedburner are very useful tactics to give your blog feeds and save your blog from dying.

6. Adding Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Stumbleupon buttons is very important. You may promote or any user may promote the content, so that you will get more followers to your website.

7. Submitting your articles to Ezinearticles and Hubpages with back links to your are great ways to get more readers to your blog indirectly.

8. Using good tags about your content without disturbing the readers is the best way to get more readers from the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and etc.

In the above ways, you can get more readers to your blog or website and so you can improve your business or other ads income like Adsense, or any other services, and so you will get benefits and your reader will also be benefited. Don't be a spammer of any kind in your blog or in social networks and this will give a bad impression about you and so your readers base will get reduced.


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    • Sasivara profile image

      Sasivara 6 years ago from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

      Thank you for your reply.

    • agreenworld profile image

      Dawn A. Harden 6 years ago from CT-USA

      These are excellent tips. I like points 6,7,8. Combining social media with good marketing tools builds great traffic. On that note, much increased success to you in 2012 and beyond!