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Huawei E1550 USB Modem review

Updated on January 1, 2011

The Huawei E1550 USB modem is a very good 3G modem with all the essential features and come at a very good price. This modem is unlocked and hence you can use it with any SIM (2G or 3G) and take advantage of their internet. With more and more providers coming up with their 3G services, it will be the best for you as you can switch services anytime by just replacing the sim.

The Huawei E1550 has the following specifications and features:

  • HSDPA/UMTS 2100MHz
  • EDGE/GPRS/GSM 1900/1800/900/850 MHz
  • HSDPA service data rate up to 3.6Mbps
  • SMS Service
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • Plug and play

Now the Modem gave us some really good speeds, we got around 280kBps peak and was always steady at around 200kBps, so yes, that was a pretty good result. This model supports up to 3.6Mbps , there are models that provide even higher speeds - up to 21mbps, but they obviously cost a lot more (Rs3000 odd) whereas the Huawei E1550 costs only Rs1800 and gives great value for money.

To read the full review and learn a few tricks about this product, visit:

Speeds on uTorrent
Speeds on uTorrent | Source


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    • kksonakiya profile image

      Krishnakant Sonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior

      My friend has recently bought Idea 3G and he is getting approx. 250 kbps download speed which is amazing. He got 2 GB data free for a month. I just hope they introduce some unlimited plan.

      Btw Rajan which plan do you prefer for 3G (please state the network)?

    • rajan1311 profile image

      rajan1311 5 years ago from bangalore, India

      I don't use 3G anymore bro....but I was on BSNL 3G, i used the 3G hack and it worked like a charm.... I use Docomo 3G in college,pretty good, I think we pay Rs1000 for it per month, after a certain limit speed comes down to 40KBps, so not that bad...

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