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Huffington Post Has A New CEO

Updated on December 8, 2012

Huffington Post Gets New CEO

The Huffington Post, a very popular news website, has just gotten a new CEO. Jimmy Maymann, effective immediately, will start to run the Huffington Post as the new CEO. Media Group, the company that owns Huffingtton post, made the announcement on Thursday. Maymann will be required to report to Arianna Huffington. Arianna will remain with the company and she will still stay on board as the editor and chief. She will also be the new chairwoman of Media Group. Huffington said that the first person she turned to when the company needed a new CEO, was Maymann because he has the ability to scale a business.

Mymann once ran AOL International, after they bought a website that Mymann cofounded. That site was, and AOL came along and bought it for over $50 million. The Huffington Post was eventually bought by AOL, and that cost AOL around $300 million.

Mymann not only co-founded Goviral, but he also launched Neo Ideo, which was a digital consultancy that he started back in 1995. Eventually the advertising agency Leo Burnett came around and bought the company.

Maymann also had ties to Polar Rose, which is a facial recognition company. He had ties with the company because he was chosen to serve on the board of the company. Apple eventually came along and decided to buy the company back in January of 2010.

It is going to be interesting to see what sort of direction Mymann plans on taking the Huffington Post, because the site is already one of the most popular news portals. Arianna Huffington did a great job making sure that the site remains one of the top news sites on the net, and if she chose Mymann to become the CEO, then there is a good reason for it. The chances are that this move is going to be a very smart move.


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