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Hughesnet Is A Big Pile Of ....................

Updated on July 8, 2012

In February (2012), my family and I moved out to the country. We were so happy to finally be out of the city and living in a place where there is fresh air, lots of wildlife, and beautiful vistas. We had no idea that we were about to be exposed to the absolute worst internet service in the entire universe.

You probably think I am exaggerating. That is entirely possible. Since the discovery of Higgs Boson (AKA The God Particle), I’m sure that something is out there, somewhere giving the worst service to a bunch of frustrated ammonia based life forms. Maybe. Until a few greys land on our planet and say, “Holy crap, your internet is as bad as ours” – I’m going with – Hughesnet bites big asteroid craters. HARD.

Here’s the deal: this company has different levels of ‘service’ (I laugh each time I write service. That’s not what they give you, but I don’t think I am allowed to say they give it to you from behind without a kiss). Each level has a larger download allowance and speed level. That’s right – download allowance. When you are a Hughesnet customer there is no such thing as unlimited.

Oh, you can download as much as you want between 2 AM and 7 AM EST. As long as the ‘net is actually up and your download isn’t bigger than a gnat’s testicles. Any larger and the connection breaks.

What does all of this mean?

It means that if you want to watch movies, play online video games, or even visit YouTube - forget it. I mean, you can do those things, technically. A 2 hour movie will be buffering until you’re ready to throw the TV and modem out of the window. YouTube will send you into Fair Access Policy (FAP) faster than you can say “WTF!”, and trying to play Call of Duty multiplayer will put a gamer into nerd rage faster than anything I have ever seen.

I’ve seen a lot. I played World of Warcraft.

What is FAP? That’s basically when Hughesnet grounds users for going over their download allowance. Yes’m, you can pay over $100 a month (our plan is $120) and if you go over your allowance you will suddenly see speeds near or sometimes lower than those of dial-up. Dial-up users, seriously – stick with what you have. At least it’s unlimited and loading something up won’t send you into something that’s slower than turtle sex.

Another nifty thing I’ve found with Hughesnet is that they will take the credit card information you give them for installation and place you without your knowledge or permission onto auto-pay. For some people this isn’t a problem. For others – those that don’t like to see double and triple charges on their statements – it’s a huge pain. Users from around the US have complained about this, but somehow the company is allowed to get away with it. The way you find out about this isn’t always through your credit card statements. About two weeks before your actual bill is due a message will pop up on your computer saying that your credit card could not be charged if you used a debit card or pre-paid credit card.

This message comes up on every single device connected to the internet. Repeatedly. You’ll be happily surfing along and BAM – there it is. Anyone in your home can see it as well, which is very embarrassing if you have someone visiting and using your computer or even surfing the net on their smartphone.

That might not sound bad, people might go, “Well, pay your bill!” – That’s fine, but two weeks before the bill is due? In this economy not everyone has the luxury of having extra money to pay bills ahead of time. It would be nice, but the reality is most people pay their bills when they are actually due. Sometimes a little late (Hughesnet probably cuts you off if you’re even an hour late, I haven’t found out nor do I want to). It’s just how it is.

A while back a friend of mine that uses Hughesnet told me that her service was down for three weeks. She called customer service several times and finally received an answer about why her internet was out of order – according to the customer service agent (outsourced in India) – there had been a hurricane on the east coast of the US that had knocked the satellite out of orbit.

Um. Yeah.

That’s another gem from Hughesnet. Almost all customer service is outsourced to India. I understand that people in India need jobs. That’s cool. But, if are halfway around the globe and have no idea about the service you’re ‘supporting’ – come ON. I don’t try to give customer service to people in China about their internet provider because I don’t know JACK about it.

I hate this company. I hate the service that is down more than it is up. I hate the customer service. I hate every little bitty thing about this joke of a company. Every time I see the ‘net is down, I want to go out and moon the satellite.

Verizon has been working non-stop on putting FiOS lines in our area. I really, really hope they are finished soon. I also hope that enough people will get together and sue Hughesnet out of existence because this company rips people off from the get go. They’re crooks, swindlers, and probably double-dip at parties.

If you found this because you are considering Hughesnet – DON’T. Please, save your money and your sanity. Stay away from this company. Go with wi-fi internet if possible. If I can save even one person from choosing satellite internet from this company, my job is done.



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    • Julie Fletcher profile image

      Julie Fletcher 5 years ago

      Thanks, Steve! My friend Georgie Lowery wrote a hub on these guys, too. It made me snort.

    • Steve Orion profile image

      Steve Orion 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Damn, sometimes I forget what times were like when I had internet problems. I don't miss them, suffice it to say. But it's great that your getting the word out about these double-dippers!

    • profile image

      SirDent 5 years ago

      Well well, another dissatisfied Hughenest customer. I just got off the phone with them and I can't even cancel our subscription because it is off hours. Really? But I can get tech help to inform me I must pay them to fix their own equipment. I am just glad out contract is finished.