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Hydro Power Stations

Updated on June 19, 2011

Hydro electrical power is one of major and more economical method of generating electrical power in Sri Lanka . There are so many Hydro electrical power stations are established in Sri Lanka. Diesel or coal power stations (thermal) are main method to generate power apart from hydro power and in thermal power stations fuels and coals are use to generate electricity. In case of fossil fuel price can get change due to inflation rate so the unit cost which use to generate electricity will get change due to this reason. Now you can understand the most important feature of hydro power is there is no fuel use to generate electricity so even in high inflation rate we can give power for cheap price. We have to spend too much capital to establish a Hydro power plant but by considering long term hydro power is much economical and echo friendly method in generating power. There are several advantages over other type of power generation. They are

  1. Hydro electrical power has long life span
  2. Hydro electrical power has low operating cost
  3. Hydro electrical power has very low maintained cost
  4. Hydro electrical power is very non polluting method
  5. Hydro electrical power helps to controlling floods

Here are some power stations which located in Sri Lanka

  1. Victoria Hydro Power Station 210 MW
  2. Upper Kotmale Hydro Power Station 150 MW
  3. Samanalawawe Hydro Power Station 124 MW
  4. Randenigala Hydro Power Station 126 MW
  5. Old Lakshapana Hydro Power Station 50Mw
  6. New Lakshapana Hydro Power Station 100MW
  7. Kotmale Hydro Power Station 201 MW

Most of above power stations are governed by Mahaweli authority and Ceylon Electricity board in Sri Lanka. This is my latest hub of Electrical Engineering I will plan to post several hub related to this tropic in near future.


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