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Computer Hyperlink - Excel, PowerPoint, Word

Updated on October 8, 2011

Understanding Hyperlinks

Microsoft Office is most widely used across the globe and has well established its brand by providing a wide variety of Applications that can be used at office as well as at home and by students. There are many features and functions available in its applications which can save u a lot of time and get your work done without much hassles. The added advantage is that the output is also very presentable.

"Hyperlink" is one of such features offered in the applications. Hyperlinks are a very useful tool in the Microsoft Office Suite and I would like to share some details on it.

What is Hyperlink?

Hyperlink is a feature that allows you to insert a link into your document (Excel/PowerPoint/Word), clicking which, will open the target Document / Web Page / Some place in the same document.

To make it simple, you can insert a link into your document. You can define the target which you want to open by clicking on that link. The target can be a web page (for example: The target can also be some other document on your drive (for example: an Excel file on your computer). The target can also be some place in the same document in which you are inserting the hyperlink.

How does it work?

Hyperlink feature works similarly across all of the Microsoft Office Applications. Lets say for example you are working on a PowerPoint Presentation and you need to insert a hyperlink on slide number 3 to open a webpage (

The set-up:

In order to make a hyper link work, you will need to put a trigger on your slide. This trigger will be the displayed on your slide. By clicking this trigger your target will open. Follow these steps to set-up your hyper link.

  1. On your slide number 3 at the bottom of the slide insert a text box and write these words: "Click here"
  2. Now select the text (not the text box) and right click on it.
  3. Select Hyperlink
  4. A dialogue box will open
  5. On the left side you can see under "Link to:" the option of "Existing File or Web Page" is already selected
  6. Now at the bottom there is a field named "Adress" and the cursor blinking next to it.
  7. Enter here, the full web page address that you want to open (for example:
  8. Click OK and its done


  • When you are editing your PowerPoint Presentation, simply one click on trigger will not open the hyperlink. In order to test it, you will have to view slideshow and then click on it or else while in edit mode you can right-click on the trigger and select "Open Hyperlink" to test it.
  • If you do not want any TEXT as your trigger, you may also select an autoshape, an image, or a symbol as your trigger.
  • During your presentation when you open your hyper link and want to go back to the presentation, you may directly close the internet browser and you will be back to the slide show.
  • If you want some file on your computer to be your target then you must select it in the dialogue box instead of entering the web page address.
  • If you want to target some place in your document then on the left hand side of the dialogue box under "Link To: you must select "Place in this document" and you will be able to see list of slides in your presentation. Select the one you want and click OK

Why my hyperlink did not work on other computer?

There may be times when you need to prepare presentation on you computer and then show it in another computer. You may either carry your presentation to that computer in a pen drive, memory card or a disc or simply email it. When your presentation is saved it on that computer it will not open the target because the folder names and the "address" of the target is not same as your computer. To avoid these mishaps consider the following example: I am making this presentation named "Review Presentation.ppt" and in that presentation I want to hyper link a file named "Sales Data.xls" which is on my computer. Now I will open a folder on my desktop named "XYZ" and put "Review Presentation.ppt" in it. In "XYZ" folder I will create another folder named "Targets" and put "Sales Data.xls" in it. If I have some more target to be opened, I will put them all in the folder named "Targets". Now I will create Hyper Links in my presentation with the method mentioned above. Once when I am done, I will Simply SAVE my presentation file first and then exit it after which I will Select the folder "XYZ" and compress/zip it so that it can be sent in email or carried in a pen drive as 1 single attachment or file. Now when i save it in other computer, it will function properly as it should. Thanks to Microsoft for keeping things simple!! lol :)

I will be soon updating this hub for some stuff on "Fun With Hyperlinks" please keep checking in.

If you need any help on this topic, One is glad to be at service :) Post comments or contact me through hubpages. Thanks Hub Pages, Thanks Microsoft and Thanks to you guys for reading my hub. Good Day!


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