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I Dropped My iPhone 6 / 6 Plus And Cracked The Screen

Updated on July 16, 2016

Image of the iPhone 4 with cracked back

iPhone 4 with cracked screen
iPhone 4 with cracked screen

Cracked iPhone 4 Screen is not fixable

I dropped my iPhone 4 and cracked the screen. How many times did i hear that from people i know? Thousands of times, and its very easy to just drop the iPhone and break the screen since the whole phone, back and front is just glass. One of the most loved parts of the iPhone 4 by me is the material Apple used for the glass and Apple claims that the iPhone 4's body is made of aluminosilicate glass, which is the same type of material used in the windshields of helicopters and high speed trains. I know many people had their iPhone's cracked the first day they got it, and believe me it's so disappointing. Another interesting fact about Apple is that, even if you have an Apple Care on your device, they will not change or fix it and if decided to get a new one, you will have to pay $600, which is a full price of the iPhone 4.

According to the Square Trade almost 4% of the iPhone 4 owners reported a cracked iPhone. Comparing to the iPhone 3Gs, the iPhone 4 is much easier to break and needs a really tough protection. Some folks on some other sites claim to be able to fix the screens, but once you open your device or fix some part of it somewhere other than Apple Store, you will ruin your warranty, so you have to be really careful with it.

It Deserves Your Attention

OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPhoen 4 Black / Black
OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPhoen 4 Black / Black

Is there a tough protective case for my iPhone?

Yes, fortunately there are so many different protective cases for iPhone out there that you can get confused about choosing a case for it. I recommend getting OtterBox case. OtterBox makes four types of cases: Defender, Commuter, Impact and Reflex Series.

The way the defender case is built:
1) hard shell skeleton case which sits tightly on your device.
2) built in screen protector- the devices screen is fully usable through the clear membrane.
3) soft silicone case- wraps the skeleton hard case around.
4) silicone plugs for charging port,
silent switch, headphone jack, etc.
5) belt clip holster- rotating holster will hold your phone securely on your belt. Can also be used as a kickstand.
6) all the functions are usable through the case: camera, buttons, touch screen, charging port, headphone jack, etc.
For Blackberry phones Defender cases cone with the clear plastic protector for keyboard.
It’s the best case , but for those who say it’s too bulky there is a commuter series

Commuter series has the most features of the defender case, but not all. For instance,commuter series don’t have the built in screens and the belt clip holster. Commuter is slimmer case comparing to the defender, but it gives a very good protection. It consists of several layers:
1) soft case – wraps around the device providing a shockproof protection.
2) hard case- goes over the silicone case an makes the soft case stay in place and at the same time prevents the device from cracking if it falls.
3) screen protection installation kit- clear screen guard, cleaning cloth, squeegee, instructions.
4) silicone plugs- covers charging port and the headphone jack. Please note: all the functions are accessible through the case.

Imapct Series case for the iPhone 4 is a perfect case for those who wants a slim case and keep the iphones size as thin as possible. Impact is a silicone soft case, which absorbs the shock and protects the iPhone from shocks and cracks. the good thing about the Impact is that it covers the top and the bottom of the iphone, which means in case you drop your iphone, the screen doesn't hit the floor. Even though its just a silicone case, Impact is much more than that, its thick comparing to all other soft cases, four corners are made even thicker to absorb the shock and its impact resistant.

Impact cases come in 7 different colors: Black, Yellow, White, Pink,Purple, Red, and Blue.

Reflex Case is a new series of OtterBox cases. I have never tried a Reflex case, so i cant really give you a description of it, but i will just include some description from OtterBox's web site:

The OtterBox Reflex Series case for iPhone 4 takes innovation to a whole new level. Surrounding your iPhone 4 with a cushion of air and inspired by the crumple zone of a car, this case can take a hit and keep your precious phone as good as the day you got it. Plus, you'll love how easily the Reflex Series snaps apart for convenient docking access!.

Once i try the Reflex Case i will definitely update the hub.

Check out Reflex video and some impact pictures below.

(update: otter box still makes good cases for the newest model iPhones)

What If I Don't Want a Bulky Case?

With the new iPhone's whose body are built with aluminum and only the front glass is at risk of shuttering, you can also settle for less bulky options. Tempered glass screen protector for example. This protectors are really good at protecting the screen of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus from the impact. The myth is that the tempered glass protector is bullet proof and never breaks. That is not the case in reality, because I have cracked those tempered glass protectors myself. When I dropped my iPhone 6 plus on the ground facing down and picked it up, the shock I was in can not be described. I had a tempered glass protector on, but there was a big line going through my entire screen. When I decided to remove the protector and go get the screen replaced by Apple, another shocker. The crack was on the tempered glass, not my phone. This shocker was a pleasant one.

Tempered Glass

Impact Case for iPhone 4 Black

OtterBox Impact case for iPhoen 4
OtterBox Impact case for iPhoen 4

Reflex Series Otterbox

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