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I Love My Phone

Updated on May 10, 2013

Has anyone else ever been afraid of a phone? What I need right now is that eleven year old kid whose room looks like mission control to first set up everything that should and could possibly be set up in my new phone (which is apparently SMARTER than me), and secondly record a step by step tutorial that I can push one button, or slide something on the screen of my new phone, and retrieve immediately.

Push this, slide that, tap here . . . I am presently, well, a bit overwhelmed. I managed under the careful and watchful eyes of the young telephone genious-guru at the store to find the off button. Which I had to use when I couldn't "back" my way out of something I was trying to do ~ I mean the back button didn't get me out of the telephone hole I had dug for myself. I didn't even know how I did it.

Then there is the camera. I clicked on it. I took several pictures of my dogs, Finley Danielle, and then Beatrice. Then something happened. I think my fingers slipped. Probably sweat from the stress. The next thing I knew is that I was videotaping Beatrice across the room. I think this is where I turned the phone off again. It didn't help. When I turned it back on (getting good at the turning off and on part), I touched camera again. Back to the videotaping. I was approaching panic when my daughter, Lauren, called in the middle of this mayhem. But, I couldn't answer her call. I was tapping away on the green thing ~ AND NO LAUREN. She called a few times to no avail. Once she gave up, I made an attempt to call her, and by some supernatural miracle, she answered the phone.

Deep breath. Deeeeeep breath.

I begged her to tell me how to ANSWER THE PHONE WITH THE GREEN THING!!!!!!!!!!! She calmly said, Mother, you slide the green thing. I had not even considered "slide" as an option. Apparently it's the only option when one would like to answer this phone. So now I'm slip-sliding away.

Call me if you like, but ~ I'm not making any promises. So far the best thing about this phone is that it is P I N K.

PS ~ I am going to both thank and apologize to my daughter in advance!


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    • Bella Nina profile image

      Bella Nina 4 years ago from USA

      LOL ~ I know!!! I wish I had the knowledge of these things that they carry in their pinky finger!! Thanks for reading.

    • Theater girl profile image

      Jennifer 4 years ago from New Jersey

      How funny and true! My children work my technology better than I do too! Thanks for sharing this!