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I cried When I Read the News

Updated on February 19, 2012

Call it silly, but a piece of my dad died today. The last flying Square J B-17,”The Liberty Belle” crashed today, June 13, 2011 near Chicago. My dad flew the Square J tail markings, on a plane called “The Bad Egg”.

The Liberty Belle was a beautiful plane. I saw it here in Lulawissie a few months ago when it was grounded for repairs at the Lulawissie airport. When it finally took off, it brought tears to my eyes, as it was the only Square J that I have ever seen fly. It brought tears to my eyes today when I saw the video of it burning in a cornfield outside Chicago. Fortunately, all aboard escaped without injury.

The Square J’s were the planes of the 570th Bomber Squadron of the 390th Bomb Group during World War II. Stationed in Framlingham, England, the group flew more than 300 missions against the Nazi offensive.

There was more than one Liberty Belle during the war, and this particular plane that crashed may not have been the exact same plane that was in dad’s squadron, but it was a symbol of the 570th and a dedication to all of the men who served and died during that Great War.

God Bless them all.

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      keith miller 6 years ago

      yes it was sad. I got to see it last time it was in Chicago. My dad was a bombsight mechanic in the 390th and my brother got to go the remains of the base when he was in England a few years ago. If you check out the Liberty foundations web sight, they have a nice writeup from the pilots and a photo that shows it landed OK.