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I want to becoma a software engineer

Updated on September 25, 2010

My ambition

When i am a child my aim is to become a software engineer. I saw lot of magazines related to IT and i got interested in it.

Reading the Google hiostory, and knowig about Microsoft  BILL GATES my interest increased.

So i decided i want to be a software engineer.

Can my ambition become true??

As days goes by i reached my 10th standard and finished my schooling with normal percentage of marks.

Still my computer intereest is increased. I want a guide to get more about HOW CAN I BECOME AN engineer?

But no one is ready to guide me .

So i started to search the internet about knowing how can i be

When days goes by i decided to look at what is the Software engineer job.

I read a definition in wikipedia and its useless for me without much knowledge.

I got some resumes of Software engineers and got around it.

I found most of them were learned some programming languages and their area is different

Whether i want ot learn all languages

Some peoples beleive that TO BECOME A SOFTWARE ENGINEER he /she want to learn all languages.

But is not like that.

From my experiences and knowing about other great Computer engineers i found that No need to learn all languages.

Learning all languages wil be difficult and toughest one.

How can i be a software engineer

First of all you need to choose your carrier. then from your early stages itself start knowing the basics of Softwares and programming.

there are lot of areas where you can concentrate in Software .


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