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Updated on June 7, 2015

The Age Of Technological Revolution

ERP or Enterprise resource planning is basically of two types - technical and non technical or functional. Technical ERP deals with technical aspect of any organisation while non-technical deals with functional segment of an organisation.

Technical ERP module are of the following types: sales and distribution, CRM - customer relationship management, FINANCE or FICO , HRM or Human Resource Management , MM or Material Management.

Enterprise Resource Planning or SAP , system application product in data processing refers to the integration of various departments and segments of a well-established setup under one roof top or one common system. As a result of that , any executive , manager or director can get an access of the desired information or data from another department without actually moving around. This happens because each and every transaction under ERP is saved in a very secured and systematic way and effort is made to integrate it into centralized system which is known as system application product. This helps in developing and harnessing the productivity as also efficacy of every employee . Apart from this , time is also saved which allows the employees to undertake more task in a short span of time. Furthermore, team meeting or meeting of different managers , executives and directors can be ensured at the end of the day wherein progress can be gauged, ascertained and discussed. In an ERP set up , managerial meetings like Annual general meetings or statutory meetings can be held with the aid of video conferencing too , if they are separated by geographical boundaries or located in different locations.


Increase in employee productivity is one of the finest and most appreciable benefits of Enterprise resource Planning since managers or executives who need a definite information don't have to go through different cumbersome papers and files kept in shelves and cupboards, for instance if a purchase manager wants to know the fate of an invoice that has been enquired by the distributor and suppliers , he can do so by logging into his system which would contain all the necessary information regarding the concerned supplier and the invoice. Here FICO module of ERP would come in handy. If any organisation has installed and implemented HRM ( human resource Management) module of ERP , then HR Manager can find out the details about newly inducted employees fr any quarter , if he wants to do so. The payroll sun module of HRM would basically be suitable for such set of information. Receptionist sitting in the reception desk wont have to inquire about log in and log out time from every employee since that too can be facilitated by ERP - with the swipe of employee id card , employees log in log out time can get transferred directly to the centralized software an into the system of the payroll department that takes care off attendance and subsequent dispatch of salary and other financial benefits. As a result of this employees productivity can be enhanced to an unimaginable level and the best part is that employers often give recognition through pay hike and promotion.

No sexual harassment : the scourge of sexual harassment can be take care-off by personnel management sub module of ERP which uses pinch admin that monitors and regulates unethical behaviours and practices. Moreover , the payroll sub module ensures timely issuance of salary to every employees as well as the employers . Here the pay admin takes care of every issue and formality that is associated with the salary payment.

Therefore, ERP or enterprise Resource planning has indeed come as a boon for systematizing and facilitating loads of tasks with in a multi - location enterprise.

Tanveer Mohammad Masood

certified HR - S. A . P (ERP)



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