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Internet of Things - Day 1

Updated on August 11, 2016

I was waken up by the alarm set at 6 o'clock in the morning, it also woke up my daughter upstairs through her alarm clock that's synced to the same home automation mobile app; after we disarmed the alarm, it turned on the water heater in both of our rooms as we freshened up.

The lights along the stairs were turned on automatically as we walked down the stairs. Awaiting for our breakfast, I can hear our home robot, Zenbo, reading out load a recipe to my wife as she prepared for our breakfast. I turned on the lights at our car porch and started my car with a touch on the mobile app as we were about to finish our breakfast. Zenbo came around to remind us to to bring along raincoat or umbrellas as we headed out as weather forecast predicted an afternoon shower.

As we jumped in the car, I read out load my daughter school name when the on board Waze prompted me of the destination. Once the car was reversed from the car porch, the lights were turned off and main door unlocked. Traffic had been smooth flowing compared to a month back before city council implemented the smart traffic management system; saving me at least 15 minutes of my morning hour. Ten minutes before reaching the school, on board Waze informed that there was an major accident ahead, recommended an alternate route then prompted me to switch to autopilot as I was not familiar with the new route. On my way to office, I received a voice notification telling me that my 2pm appointment had been cancelled; due to heavy thunderstorm in Penang, all flights were suspended indefinitely; my client was supposed to be in one of the morning flight coming down to KL.


Once I turned the last corner heading to office, a parking map of the building I worked at showed up on my screen, prompted me to make a selection of available lots. The boom gate opened up as I reached the entrance of the building parking, the moment it recognized my car. Heading to the lot that I reserved, I heard a siren; apparently someone tried to park on a reserved lot.

Though there was a large crowd at the lift lobby, I was directed to the right elevator not long after punching in my floor number at the central panel. Upon entering my office after touching the door access reader with the fitness tracker given by my company, I headed straight to my cubicle at the right wing. Being the first person entering the right wing, my path was illuminated along the way without a flip on any wall switch; I can feel the cool air flowing down as I sat down and prepared my day.

Approaching the first meeting of my day, I received a reminder on my phone; outside the meeting room, I can see the LCD panel indicated that the room was occupied and booked from 10 am till 12 pm. As I walked into the room, the lights and A/C turned on immediately. Since the meeting involved fellow colleagues from different locations, the video conference system auto dialed to all accepted parties at the start of the meeting.

The meeting room was immediately released the moment we walked our from the room. We planned to have our lunch at a cafe not far from our office; but before doing so, Tony pulled out an app to check its occupancy.

As we were on our way back from lunch, my fitness app reminded me that I still had 2000 steps to go to reach my daily target; and it seemed I will miss it as Zenbo was right, thunderstorm was coming! Getting back to my desk, I received a notification on my phone alarming me that a segment of network in our data center was overloaded; upon checking the network management system, I reckoned one of the redundant router was down; I quickly diverted the traffic to another standby router to reduce the load; this recently purchased system definitely helps to ease my job and increase our team efficiency in dealing with IT infrastructure outages.


A rather uneventful day had passed, I then hopped onto my car headed back home. In the middle of the journey, the car on board system notified me that it's time to replace the front brake pads, then prompted me to schedule a service with the customer service; it saves me hassle to dial the number myself.

Reaching home, I noticed the street light were turned on rather late this evening as the sun just set. Once reached home, I got out from my car, and headed to the main door; I can hear the main door unlocked when the front camera recognized me. I then saw my daughter rushing to me to greet me; there is nothing better than that after a long day work. Before I noticed, Zenbo were already next to me asking if I would want to continue the episode of "Game of Thrones" that I watched half way last night in our living room. Nodded to it's suggestion, she rolled to the front of the TV to turn it on and searched for the show in our home entertainment system.

While we were having our dinner, a notification popped up on the fridge next to our dining table notifying us the laundry was done; we wished Zenbo are equipped with hands to pick up the clothes from the washing machine then passed them on to FoldiMate to have them folded.

We played some games with Zenbo before my daughter's bed time; before I tucked my daughter into her bed, she demanded her favorite bed time story to be played one last time on Zenbo. Once my daughter slept, I got to spend some quality time with my wife. At times we just chitchatted in living room with our favorite music played at the background; I can access and switch the list easily via Zenbo. In other times, watching TV was our favorable past time; I can switch the shows by giving voice commands to Zenbo.

Before I went to sleep, I set the alarm on and locked all doors and windows via the home automation app. All lights and A/Cs were turned off at ground floor shortly after we walked upstairs to our room. Zenbo was left alone as it can't climb the stairs yet.

Zenbo In Action


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