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IP Phones/Phones for VoIP

Updated on November 29, 2012
Choice of VoIP Phones
Choice of VoIP Phones

Choice of VoIP Phones

As an Internet-based technology, the usage of VoIP reflects the flexibility and malleability of the underlying network. There are as many ways to use VoIP as there are different kinds of businesses. Organizations can implement their own in-house version, store their own servers, and perform their own upgrading and maintenance, or they can outsource the entire infrastructure and management to a third-party provider where they will never even see any of the hardware used to handle their telecommunications.

Similarly, there is no shortage of ways by which one can access a VoIP network. At its most basic level, VoIP as an application can be used with any computer with a microphone and headset. In fact, for intensive usage this is what every call center supplies its employees with. For such purposes, the clarity and ease of use of VoIP far exceeds anything available with the traditional PSTN phone system. But there are many other ways to use a VoIP service as well. You can buy a dedicated VoIP IP phone that connects to the Internet instead of an outlet on the wall. It looks and functions precisely like the device that we're all used to, but inside it is very different.

While it is true that dedicated VoIP phones today are more expensive than their traditional counterparts, this is changing quickly as more and more businesses as well as customers begin to use VoIP regularly. But for those who already have a large number of traditional PSTN telephones, even these can be repurposed to work seamlessly with a VoIP network. All it requires is an ATA adapter into which two or three phones can be plugged in – and voila! - they are now IP enabled.

Finally, employees may use their smartphones to get started with a mobile VoIP service almost immediately. For business trying to save on costs, this is probably the most efficient way it can go about setting up a telecommunications network from scratch. You can make a decision to start an online business today, sign up with a VoIP service and in less than 15 min. you can be up and running with all of your employees being allotted their own DID numbers on which they can be reached. These numbers can be configured to be forwarded on to any other telephone number and so VoIP takes on the structure of your organization with no effort at all.

No two businesses are the same. So why should your communication systems fit any standard mold? With VoIP in Chicago, you can get started with a local SIP provider today.


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    • jasonmstyles profile image

      Caleb 5 years ago from Wichita, KS

      We use a VoIP system at our business here and we also host our own PBX box. It is very nice and easy to manage.