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Iconia from Acer

Updated on April 19, 2011

For the last couples of years, Acer has been very well known among notebook PC users on all parts of the globe and has been experiencing an increase in the earnings of the company. Nonetheless, this particular manufacturer from Taiwan seems to be determined to continue providing good quality products to their end users and this is why they are launching the Acer Iconia.

It is also said that the Iconia is shipped in order to rival the latest tablet PC from Asus with multiple monitors and the new Libretto W105 from Toshiba, the Japanese computer manufacturer. The main impression that most PC users may have regarding the Iconia is often that it comes with sleek multiple touch screen monitors that they can use to do different tasks, each on each of the monitors. With that being said, users will be able to view the latest updates from their colleagues on the social networking sites they join on one monitor and play games on the second monitor. This enhances users’ multitasking experience for sure.

Another thing users may notice about the Iconia is that it doesn’t come with a real physical keyboard they can touch and type with. However, Acer has managed to let their users to type on the virtual keyboard integrated into this tablet PC by simply touching on the second screen with both of their palms. Of course, there is also a touchpad and it is virtual, too.

Acer Ring is another feature that users won’t find on other laptops but this latest innovation from this Taiwanese manufacturer. This ring will bring up menus and applications in a circular from where users can choose what to launch or what to do. To activate this unique feature, users simply have to place 5 fingers and act as if they are grabbing something on the bottom screen.

Iconia also supports personalized gestures to either run certain programs or open up some pages on the internet. To create the gesture, users can take advantage of the gesture editor that Acer has implemented onto this PC.

Social life is another aspect that PC manufacturers cannot leave alone these days. Within every single day, 9 – if not 10 – out of 10 computer users engage in social networks. Therefore, Acer has provided SocialJogger on their latest product. This feature will periodically update users with any of Facebook, Youtube, Flicker or other social accounts they have.

It seems that the Iconia is really built for the modern users who want to do everything easily and practically. With this tablet, users can take benefits of the sharing system. makes it possible for users with different devices and platforms to communicate and share their files amongst them with only 1 condition, that is, all of them must feature the technology.

For the technical users, this laptop comes with Intel Core i5 processors, 4GB RAM, Intel graphics, HDD ranging from 320 to 750GB, WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0 and 3.0, WWAN and a lithium ion battery with 4 power cells. This product is provided with one-year warranty.

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